12 Things You Should Never Do On A Date

texting on a date
So you’ve got yourself a hot date and you’re feeling the pressure. It’s first impression time and if you mess up, you run the risk of never seeing that person again! Fear not though as we have got you covered. Here’s a list of potential dating deal breakers – avoid these things and you’ll be well on the way to scoring yourself that all-important second date!

1) Don’t Get Too Drunk
A few drinks are always good to calm the nerves but hold back from asking for a straw to accompany that wine bottle otherwise you could end up seriously embarrassing yourself. Alcohol hugely boosts self-confidence, so one shot too many and before your know it, you might be flirting with the restaurant staff, doing a striptease on top of the table or professing that it’s love at first sight! Big mistake.

2) Don’t Text All Night
It’s fun to keep your mates updated on how the date is going, but too much texting comes across as rude. Save the friend report for when you go to the bathroom. Texting tells your date that they are not the most important person in the room, or the only person on your mind.

3) Don’t Order Messy Food
Just because it’s romantic between two cartoon dogs in Lady and The Tramp, that doesn’t mean the spaghetti bolognese option is a good choice on your date! Try to avoid messy foods such as spaghetti, sticky chicken wings/ribs, soup or anything with two many green herbs. The last thing you want is to be smiling at your date with a piece of spinach stuck between your gnashers! Also if you’re not good with chopsticks – avoid going to a restaurant where you have to use them (or ask for a fork) otherwise the sushi may end up on your lap instead of in your mouth!

4) Don’t Be Too Keen (Marriage/Babies Chat)
Talk of marriage and babies straight away is seriously going to freak anyone out – so don’t get tempted to describe your ideal wedding venue, list your favourite baby names or say you’ve never felt this way before! If you say on your first date that you’re ready to settle down, it’s going to seem desperate, so remember the three important words – TAKE IT SLOW.

5) Don’t Talk About Exes
It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about them in a good light or slating them. It’s best to avoid the topic of exes. It’s awkward, it’s irrelevant and there are 1000 other things you can talk about with your new date instead of what your ex did. Your ex should be a distant memory and it should only be your new date who is at the forefront of your mind!

6) Don’t Moan About Personal Problems
Dates should be fun so if you start talking about your debt problems, your illnesses or your relative who has just died, it’s not going to make your date remember you in a positive light (or want to spend time around you!)

7) Don’t Complain About The Bill
It might be pricey but it’s a one-off, so whatever you do, don’t moan about the price. It’ll only make you look tight with money which is a very unattractive trait.

8) Don’t Flirt With The People Around You
You may want to seem “in demand” to your date, but if you make eyes at the waiter/waitress and exchange glances with someone at the opposite table, frankly it’s just going to make you look easy.

9) Don’t Show Off Too Much Skin
This statement applies to both sexes – women with the low cut tops/mini skirts and men with the low v-necks. It’s sexy to leave something to the imagination, so never forget that.

10) Don’t Be Bitchy/Insult Anyone
You may think highlighting someone else’s faults is going to make you look more attractive but it’s quite the opposite. If you bitch about other people, you’re the one who is going to look like the nasty one. This also applies to your general demeanour in a bar/restaurant – be kind and courteous to the staff around you.

11) Don’t Forget Your Table Manners
Yes, you may have happily stolen your ex’s food, or shovelled what you don’t want onto their plate, but doing this with someone new is a serious faux-pas. Some people are very territorial about what’s on their plate, so even if you think stealing a chip won’t do any harm, it could be a future date deal breaker. As well as this, don’t burp, eat with your mouth open or eat with your hands – a messy/noisy eater is an ultimate turn-off.

12) One Just For The Guys – Don’t Be Creepy
It’s safe to say that most guys would be thrilled if a girl touched their leg on a date, but this is quite the opposite with girls. You should generally be able to read your date’s body language, so before you start playing footsie and rubbing your big toe against her leg, beware – you may be seen as the ultimate creep.

Keep your conversation non-creepy too, if you start asking her intimate questions about her love life or being too suggestive too soon, this could also send her running in the opposite direction. Always try to read the signs instead of jumping in for the kill – if she’s leaning away from you or looks distracted, the chances are she won’t appreciate your Addams Family Kiss from her hand up to her neck!

So now you’ve learnt about some of the biggest dating deal breakers, what’s stopping you? Get out there, plan a date and most importantly, have fun!

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