4 Reasons Snooping is Anything but Sweet and Innocent

We’ve all been tempted at one time or another. You meet someone new or maybe you’ve been together for a while. Whatever your relationship status, you find yourself curious. You wonder if they’re texting who they say they are or what she’s up to on Facebook or what he has in that box under his bed. And it’s not even in a suspicious way, but just pure innocent curiosity. So you wait until you’re alone with his things and then suddenly you find yourself launching into full on crazy detective mode.

It seems pretty harmless. I mean, what’s the big deal really? He’s your boyfriend. She gave you the code to her phone. And that box is really out in plain sight anyway. So what does it matter if you take a few moments to casually explore a few of his/her belongings? Well, it actually matters quite a bit. Here are a 4 reasons snooping is anything but sweet and innocent.

Things really will start to look suspicious

You might find out a few things while snooping, but you don’t always get the full story and that just makes everything look suspicious. Suddenly rescheduled dates or working late or being sick are all seen as lies to cover up what’s really going on (when in reality, nothing is really going on).

You’ll start to become the suspicious one

While it’s true that sometimes snooping makes us feel better, let’s all emphasize the word sometimes. More often than not it just makes you crave more and then suddenly you find you’re actually going out of your way to snoop more. You’re trying to crack his passwords to things or spending extra time in her bathroom. And, after a while, all that just makes you look like the one who’s hiding something.

You’ll ruin a surprise or, you know, everything

So what if your significant other is hiding something? Who’s to say that’s always a bad thing? Sometimes it’s something nice, like for your birthday or just because. And, if you’re the one snooping that makes you the bad guy.

It’s a betrayal of trust

Simply put, you’re betraying your boo’s right to privacy. You’re significant other shouldn’t keep important things from you, nor should he or she be devious, but that doesn’t mean you need to be all up in their business either.

So next time you find the urge to snoop remember two things:

1. If you’re in a healthy relationship, you will find out everything in time because the other person will tell you or show you.

2. If you are actually suspicious about your significant other you might be in the wrong relationship.

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