5 Basic Dating Rules

I was talking to one of my closest guy friends Jack about one of our mutual friends May.I was explaining to him how she had recently had another break up. I told him about how she always seemed to find these guys who waivered between Mr. Perfect, treating her like a queen, being considerate, and then at the drop of a hat, changing into a brooding, unreliable, and all around shady guy.Jack had some good and basic advice. If a guy is interested in you, you will know. They will want to make plans with you, talk to you and see you. If their interest starts to fade, and you haven’t become boyfriend and girlfriend, you can expect the guy’s behavior to change. Whether or not my friends and I will always admit to that, read making lame excuses rather then own up to the fact that he might not like us.

This seemed like a good explanation, but I still didn’t understand why the guy didn’t have the decency to just end things, rather then to string the confused girl along. Jack bent his head and sheepishly said, some guys like the attention, or they just don’t care enough to even bother ending something that they never saw as important.I agree with his declaration of when someone is interested, you know it. But I had to question, what about accounting for emotions, feelings and I hate to even say it but games? All of those are factored into the early stages of a relationship.

This got me thinking, what are some of the basic relationship etiquette?

To call or not to call? To accept a date or to blow someone off? What are some standard rules?

1.Mean what you say. Don’t pretend to love whisky, or football to impress a guy. Also be clear with where you stand in achieving your needs. If you are looking for a fling, don’t pretend otherwise, but if you want something serious don’t be afraid to let the guy know. They will respect you more for being true to who you are rather then the person who gives false answers based on what you think the other person wants to hear.

2.Be respectful. Relationships and the feelings that come along with them aren’t always black and white. You may not be sure how you feel about a person, but that’s the benefit of dating and finding out whether or not you’re compatible or interested. No matter what, respect the other person and the situation. Put into it what you would want to get out. If you’re not interested, let the person know in a mature and polite manner rather then pulling a disappearing act or by doing something hurtful.

3.Take chances. Pushing your boundaries or comfort level can be tricky, but by not doing so you can run the risk of never knowing what could be. Of course you also take a chance by putting yourself out there, but the most important and meaningful parts of life are experienced by living and doing.

4.Stay true to your word. Don’t promise to call or text someone who you know you have no intention of talking to. It wastes both of your time and adds confusion. Don’t feel obligated to say yes to a date, instead be honest and say you don’t see yourself getting into dating or a relationship with that person. It may take them aback, but ultimately you’re doing them a favor by not leading them on, and not putting yourself in a position you don’t want to be in.

5.Have fun. Do what makes you happy and your happiness will lead to meeting good people, having fun and enjoying your life.

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    Thanks Lauren for you tips and tricks, let share some tips for a successful dating. I appreciate your tips number 4 and 2. i advice you guys that respect your relationship and try to be honest to your relationship.

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