How To Flirt With A Girl…

By: Rosie Valentine |

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I think flirting has a bad reputation.  When you picture someone flirting, what do you see?  I envision some doe-eyed bimbo, twirling her hair and pretending to like football, because she  read in Cosmo to “adopt his interests.”  While if this tactic may or may not work is up for debate, I’m not here to talk about the ladies today.  Nope, guys I’m coming after YOU!

Picture it-the girl of your dreams.  You want to talk to her, but you are afraid you might say something dumb.  You are worried if you joke around with her, you might offend her.  You want to convey your interest without fawning all over her and appearing desperate. How? How do you flirt with a girl?

1. Forget the cheesy pick-up lines.
Asking a girl if it hurt when she fell from heaven will get her to laugh…right in your face. When a guy approaches me this way, I can’t wait to get as far away from him as humanly possible. Generic pick-up lines are a creeps calling card, and definitely do not make me want to engage in further conversation. Sincerity, on the other hand, is always great. If you think her eyes are gorgeous, by all means tell her! Just don’t gaze at them all creepy like or tell her you see your future babies in them.

2. Got a wingman?
I met my ex boyfriend at a packed club in Hollywood. His friend came up to talk to my friend and I, and casually mentioned that his friend wanted to talk to me. I turned around and there he was! Conversation started flowing, and the rest is history. (No, it’s actually history, but that’s another post! :)) Bottom line, this wing-man scenario worked because it was sincere. I immediately thought it was so sweet that he was too nervous to approach me on his own, so having his friend set the tone really helped.

3. Tease her…but don’t be an ass about it.
In grade school, my mom used to tell me that boys who teased me, liked me. I’m not sure if she was just trying to spare my feelings, but I see men my age still teasing girls they’re interested in, and it works! There is a BIG distinction between friendly banter and being a straight up jerk though, and if you don’t know the difference, this probably isn’t the right option for you. Give her a hard time about her favorite sports team or joke with her about what movies or music she likes. Break out her feisty spirit-it can be sexy. Warning! Never ever ever tease a woman about her looks, her weight or her career. Some girls might not care, but it’s better to be cautious. The last thing you want to do is make the girl you really like cry. Awwwkward 🙂