How to Scare the Pants off Your Date: 5 Steps to the Perfect Scary Movie Night

Photo courtesy of  H_Elise (Flickr)
Photo courtesy of H_Elise (Flickr)

I’ve already shared that I think fall is the best time of season for dating. And one of the biggest reasons is because it’s the perfect time to watch scary movies. I’m such a huge fan of them and think watching one (or a few) makes for a perfect date. You have the dark and rainy nights that provide somewhat of an eerie breeze. The cooler temps provide the perfect atmosphere for candles and blankets.

 Step 1: Figure out the location.

This shouldn’t be too hard and there’s no need to be overly fancy with a scary movie night. So your place or their place. This kind of thing requires your utmost concentration so choose the place where there will be limited interruptions (pets, family members, roommates, etc.).

Step 2: Pick the flick.

Obviously the movie is most important, but it can also be very tricky. I’m a fan of blood and gore, so slasher flicks almost always get my first vote (especially around Halloween since there’s a slasher movie cleverly called Halloween). But it’s also important to know what your date likes. If he/she is squeamish that’s probably not the best genre. Then you’d want to choose some lighter or maybe a thriller, like Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King. And, if he/she is jumpy or easily scared you’ll want to stay away from movies like the Strangers where there’s lots of creepy masks and things suddenly jump out.

Personally I say any good scary movie night should consist of one movie in each of the following categories:

1. Slasher

2. Demon/Devil possession

3. Thriller

4. Monster or zombies.

Even a scary movie novice would be able to find something in there that they are interested in. And, with multiple movie choices, you have the perfect opportunity to extend the night.

Step 3: Get the snacks.

I don’t care what anyone says; snacks are important. Popcorn and candy are a must. Here are instructions for how to make the ultimate scary movie snack.

You’ll need: a pan, a big bowl, melted butter, salt, oil, popcorn kernels (not the crappy microwave stuff, the kind you actually cook in a pan), and M&Ms.

1. Put a little oil in the bottom of the pan and turn burner on medium to high. I usually throw one kernel in. When it pops, it’s ready and you can put the rest in. Put just enough kernels in to cover the bottom of the pan. Trust me, it’s plenty. Then put the lid on.

2. Once the rest of the kernels start to pop shake the pan around some. This will prevent the popcorn from burning. The popping will gradually begin to slow and that’s when you’ll know it’s done. (It’s similar to microwave popcorn.)

3. When it’s done popping turn the heat off and let it rest for a brief minute. Then, put half the popcorn in the bowl. Add salt and half the melted butter. Shake so it coats the popcorn. Add M&Ms and then give it another little shake. Then add the rest of the popcorn and repeat.

You’ll end up with the perfect blend of sweet and salty goodness in every bite.

Step 4: Set the mood.

This isn’t just about romance here, this is also about some serious scary movie watching. Luckily their both pretty similar. You’ll need lots of candles. I am a fan of pillars since I takes them longer to burn. A blanket is always nice too because it provides a place to hide during scary parts, but also great opportunities for cuddling. Then just make sure you can both see the TV easily from the couch and you’re all set.

Step 5: Watch.

This one is pretty easy. And self-explanatory.



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