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With near perfect weather year round and a multitude of activities and events happening at all times, Los Angeles is a great place to date. While there are tons of amazing restaurants and bars in the city of Angels, we’ve highlighted some date ideas that are a bit more unique and !

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The Best Place To Take a First Date In LA


The Urban Lights Display at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is a romantic, yet unassuming spot to get to know a first date. All of the sites guarantee that you’ll always have something to talk about. Take some silly yet adorable selfies under the gorgeous lights (come on, you’re in L.A…) and then head inside to view some art, or just have a drink and a small bite at the Stark, a super chic bar located within the museum.

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The Best Place To Take a First Online Date In Los Angeles


The number one thing that most people worry about before a first online date is if they will have anything to talk about with a virtual stranger they met on the internet. The best way to combat this? Have someone else do the talking, while you and your date do the laughing! Los Angeles is home to the Upright Citizens Brigade, offering dirt cheap ($5!) comedy shows every night of the week. Comedy shows are great first online date options, because it gives you the opportunity to get to know your date better vicariously-what are they laughing at, are they fun to be around…or not.

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The Best Romantic Date Idea In Los Angeles


Turn the lights down…way down! At Opaque, you can dine on an expertly prepared meal in the dark with your date, taking the typical dinner and drinks evening to a much more romantic level. Dining in the dark is so romantic because it allows you to totally disconnect from the outside world, and focus on sharing this sensual culinary experience with your date. Allow your senses to come alive and guide you, even after the lights have come back on.

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The Best Casual Date In LA


It doesn’t get anymore L.A than spending the day at the Santa Monica Pier. Grab your date an ice cream cone and take a stroll at the end of Route 66, checking out the photo galleries, street performers and acting like kids at the amusement park and arcade. During the summer, don’t miss the free Twilight Concert Series every Thursday night. End the date with a ride on the iconic ferris wheel at the end of the Santa Monica Pier, offering incredible views of the coastline and sunset.

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The Best Adventurous Date Idea In Los Angeles

Real Hollywood Sign

Saddle up at the Sunset Ranch in Hollywood and embark on a guided horseback tour through Griffith Park, passing right under the iconic Hollywood Sign. This tour offer what is often described as the best view in the city, and provides a chance for you and your date to talk, while still letting your adventurous side out. There is also an option to stop for lunch during the middle of your ride, which is always a nice touch.

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