Alternative Dating in the UK

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  • Alternative Dating in the UK
  • Alternative Dating in the UK
  • Alternative Dating in the UK
  • Alternative Dating in the UK
  • Alternative Dating in the UK
  • Alternative Dating in the UK

5 Tips For Alternative Hookups

1. Be yourself!

If you’re on an alternative dating site in the UK, chances are you’ve been looking for a place online where you can totally be yourself, and now that you’ve found it there is no point in holding back! No matter what you’re interested in or preference are, from body art to piercings, goth or punk dating or anything in between, put it out there. Share as much as you can on your online dating profile, and include photos of all your art to show off! This is the best way to stand out and make sure your profile is seen by the right people.

2. Go deeper than the physical

A huge aspect of alternative dating is appearance, but if you’re looking for lasting love, you’re going to have to go deeper than physical attraction. Once you find someone you’re interested in getting to know better, make an effort to ask them questions about things other than their alternative lifestyle. Talk about family, religion, career and goals just to see where you line up together, and where you don’t.

3. Don’t do any couple body modifications too soon!

We’ve all been there, right? You meet someone and you click, and all of a sudden it seems like a great idea to get a tattoo of each other’s names, or a matching piercing. Our advice is to wait to do any body mods until you’ve established that you’re in a committed relationship – then, go for it! But if you’re just looking for alternative hook ups, it might be better to wait to see if your love is going to be as permanent as your tattoo… or if you’re better off just getting a fake one.

4. Date more than one person at at time, at least at first!

Unless you meet someone and you’re absolutely certain that they are the one for you, there is no harm in dating more than one person at a time. Actually, we recommend it! Dating frequently and with different types of people is one of the best ways to really zero in on what you’re looking from alternative dating. So date a goth, a punk or someone tattooed from head to to! Keep your options open and have fun!

5. Remain true to your alternative lifestyle

Occasionally, you might meet someone who isn’t comfortable with your alternative hookup, or wishes you could be a bit more conservative. No matter how much you like the other person, this is a huge red flag when it comes to alternative dating, as changing yourself for someone else rarely works out for the best. Remember that your unique alternative lifestyle is what brought you here in the first place, so hold steady to that… you’ll meet someone who likes everything about you, piercings included…actually, preferred.

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