01 Paris - France


03 Venice - Italy


15 San Sebastián - España


09 Florence - Italy


02 Sydney - Australia


16 Edinburgh - Scotland


13 Wellington - New Zealand


07 Budapest - Hungary


06 Buenos Aires - Argentina


04 Kyoto - Japan


12 Lisbon - Portugal


05 Bruges - Belgium


14 Bath - England


20 Marrakech - Morocco


18 Jaipur - India


17 New York City - USA


19 Charleston - USA


08 Dubrovnik - Croatia


11 Montreal - Canada


10 Prague - Czech Republic


21 Cape Town - South Africa


22 Los Angeles - USA


24 Dublin - Ireland


23 Melbourne - Australia


25 San Diego - USA


We Love Dates

Paris - France

1 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Catch a show at the Moulin Rouge, smooch under the Eiffel Tower, walk or cruise along the Seine River...at seemingly every turn, Paris aka “The City of Light” is bursting with quintessential backdrops for romance.

Love facts

Some bridges in Paris, including the famous Pont des Arts Bridge, are quite literally buckling under the pressure of thousands of padlocks, as lovers from around the globe come to seal their love with a kiss and a “love lock”. The government is now encouraging happy couples to refrain from attaching more locks and to take a selfie instead, tweeting it with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks.

Date Idea

Have tea and satisfy your sweet tooth at world famous Laduree. Ask to sit upstairs in their moody blue velvet room.https://www.laduree.com/fr_fr/

Dubrovnik - Croatia

8 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Dubrovnik has risen dramatically in popularity over the last few years, mostly due to it’s breathtaking views of the Adriatic sea. It’s Old World charm will inspire romance as you stroll through the century old white fortress walls lining the cliffs.

Love fact

The most romantic date idea in Dubrovnik is a no brainer-you can’t miss the sunset! Grab a bottle of wine and watch the sun melt into the sea, bathing the city in a golden glow.

Date Idea

"Catch the sunset over the Old Town at Banje Beach. We suggest camping out at Cafe Buza, ordering a cocktail and watching the sun fade into the Old Town."http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g295371-d552668-Reviews-Cafe_Buza-Dubrovnik_Dubrovnik_Neretva_County_Dalmatia.html

Montreal - Canada

11 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

A little bit of Paris in North America, Montreal is a stunning blend of old world charm with a sophisticated twist-the best of both worlds! With seemingly limitless parks, cafes, and a charming city center, coupled with modern and sexy nightlife options, there is something for every couple in the cultural capital of Quebec.

Love Fact

Montreal is actually an island that is shaped like a boomerang, or a kiss, depending on whom you ask. How is that for romance?

Date Idea

"The Triple Crown Dinette is a hot spot in Montreal's Little Italy neighborhood, and offers personalized picnic baskets to couples looking to set up shop in a nearby park. Your basket will come with everything you need, making planning a date like this a total breeze."https://www.facebook.com/DinetteTripleCrown

Venice - Italy

3 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Steal a kiss on a gondola ride through the canals, while walking hand in hand down one of the many hidden bridges or while strolling down the piazzas...basically, anywhere in Venice is perfect for romance!

Love fact

The “City of Water” is home to the “Calle Del Bezzo” which loosely translates into the “alley for embracing”.

Date Idea

"When in Venice...you must take a romantic gondola ride through the canals. Some Gondoliers will even serranade you and your date. While the Grand Canal is the most popular, we recommend taking your ride on the back canals where you'll have quiet and privacy."http://www.viator.com/tours/Venice/Venice-Gondola-Ride-and-Serenade/d522-2495TOUR4

Kyoto - Japan

4 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Kyoto is a tranquil and historic city, full of cherry blossoms in the spring. From quaint tea houses to elaborate gardens, the city is full of romantic locations.

Love fact

The “Sagano Romantic Train” is a scenic 25 minute train ride through the picturesque Kyoto scenery along the Hozu River.

Date Idea

"Kiyomizu-dera is the most visited temple in Kyoto, and for good reason! It's truly magical--the water streaming from it's on-site waterfall is said to be completely pure, and legend has it that if you survive a jump from the temple platform you will be granted a wish. We don't recommend you do any jumping on a date though, as there is plenty to see with your feet planted firmly on the ground."http://www.kiyomizudera.or.jp/lang/01.html

Bruges - Belgium

5 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

You’ll feel as if you’re in the middle of a medieval fairytale in this picturesque city, left what appears to untouched from a different and much more charming, time. Taking a boat ride through one of the city’s many canals is a must-do!

Love fact

It sprinkles year round here, but the constant mist in the air won’t put a damper on your romance in Bruges. There is something to be said about kissing in the rain!

Date Idea

"A visit to Bruges Beer Museum is a perfect date idea! Grab your provided iPad Mini and take a tour of the museum on your own terms, learning about the history of beer both in Belgium and beyond. Follow up the tour downstairs in their tasting room where there are 16 beers on draft and lot's of delicious cheese and chocolate."http://www.brugesbeermuseum.com/

Buenos Aires - Argentina

6 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

The capital city of Argentina is all about one thing-nightlife! From incredible restaurants to nightclubs that stay packed until 8am, Buenos Aires is the epitome of a romantic good time. Everywhere you look, you’ll see love, as it’s common for couples of all ages to kiss and embrace on benches throughout the city.

Love fact

The world’s most romantic and sensual ballroom dance, the Tango originated in Buenos Aires in the early twentieth century.

Date Idea

"Have drinks at one of the most popular bars in Buenos Aires, the Gran Bar Danzon. The sultry ambiance, music and extensive food and beverage menu will inspire romance. We suggest ordering the apple and goat cheese tart, along with a glass of wine."http://www.granbardanzon.com.ar/

Budapest - Hungary

7 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Stunning 19th century architecture, a world class music scene and hundreds of adorable cafes lining the streets make Budapest one of the most charming and romantic cities in the world. Budapest Nightlife

Love fact

Budapest is often described as the “Paris of the East” but we think it can stand on it’s own!

Date Idea

"Take a romantic stroll by the river. Start at the Danube Promenade, pass the Hungarian Parliament and meander your way over the Chain Bridge."

Florence - Italy

9 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

The Renaissance capital of the world is known for it’s stunning architecture and world renowned art. Although art lovers will no doubt never want to leave the city, Florence will win you over even if you have zero artistic bones in your body.

Love fact

The Tuscan countryside is a short bike’s ride away from the Florence city center, and offers stunning views and the best wine tasting in the world.

Romantic Getaways:
The Most Romantic Hotels in Florence

This website offers several different options for some amazing romantic getaways!

Date Idea

"Eat your way through the Mercato Centrale. Sample delicious local food, load up on picnic supplies or just check out the gifts at this quintessential European market."http://www.mercatocentrale.it/en/mercato-centrale-firenze/

Prague - Czech Republic

10 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Prague really comes alive at night, and the lights bouncing of the cathedrals, castles and charming Old World architecture will guide you through the cobblestone streets and dark alley ways.

Love fact

Walk hand in hand across the Charles Bridge at night and you’ll really feel like you’re in a different era.

Romantic Getaways:
5 Great Romantic Experiences in Prague

Awesome website that explains why Prague may just be giving Paris a run for its money in terms of romanticism. There are countless romantic hotels, and the backdrop of the stunning city could make anyone fall in love.

Date Idea

"Puppet shows are quite popular in the Czech Republic, and they are not reserved for children only. One local hot spot is Divadlo Minor, a puppet theater that invites acclaimed guest artists from the opera and film."http://www.minor.cz/en/

Sydney - Australia

2 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

With world class wineries, stunning beaches and bustling nightlife a stone’s through away, Sydney is #2 on our list simply because you’ll never run out of things to do in this vibrant city!

Love fact:
Hottest Romantic scapes around Australia

One of the best things about being in love in Sydney is the abundance of romantic weekend getaways only an hour or two away! From Hunter Valley to the Blue Mountains, pack your bags for a weekend full of romance.

Date Idea

"Sydney is the perfect backdrop for an outdoors date, and kayaking is the perfect option for a date. We suggest making your way to Rose Bay, one of the most stunning areas of the harbour."http://www.rosebayaquatichire.com/kayaks/

Lisbon - Portugal

12 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Stunning views, quaint promenades and charming architecture will take you back in time when visiting Lisbon. Don’t let the Old World charm fool you though; Lisbon is quickly becoming a cosmopolitan city with growing fine dining and music scenes.

Love fact

A 25 minute train ride from Lisbon will take you to Sintra, which is known as the Capital of Romanticism. Lord Byron is claimed to have described this charming oasis as “Glorious Eden.”

Date Idea

"Visiting Belem is an ideal day-date idea in Lisbon. Stroll along the waterside, gazing at monuments such as the Tower of Belem and the Jeronimos Monastery. The center of town is full of vendors selling delicious traditional tarts to fuel all your walking."http://www.golisbon.com/sight-seeing/belem.html

Wellington - New Zealand

13 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

The Capital city of New Zealand boasts a stunning harbour and no shortage of fun activities for couples. Be prepared to get outside and enjoy the beaches, animal sanctuary and botanical gardens. Wellington Nightlife

Love fact

The charming and colorful old houses that dot the hills about the Wellington Harbour are often hidden cafes, offering a private spot to stop for a cup of locally brewed coffee with your date.

Date Idea

Dinner and a movie tops our list in Wellington--but not just any movie theater will do! Peter Jackson's Embassy Theater isn't your average cinema. Enjoy a glass of wine while you relax in the same theater that hosted the LoTR and Hobbit premieres.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embassy_Theatre,_Wellington

Bath - England

14 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Bath is known for being the UK’s Most Romantic city, with good reason! This city is surrounded by lush countryside and is famous for it’s hot air balloon marriage proposals! Bath is a city perfect for a couple to stroll hand in hand, stopping in shops and enjoying an afternoon tea in the historic Pump rooms. Bath

Love Fact

Jane Austen, author of the romantic and loved books Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and others called Bath home, living at 4 Sydney Place.

Date Idea

"Take a carriage tour through Royal Crescent, Royal Victoria Park, The Circus, Queen Square and Great Pulteney Street. Make sure you add on champagne for two!"http://visitbath.co.uk/travel-and-maps/explore-the-area/courtyard-carriages-p1204543

San Sebastián - España

15 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

San Sebastian is a popular beach tourist destination worldwide and a quick weekend break from much of Europe. It offers sunny beaches that some say are the best in Europe, old world ambiance and gourmet cuisine which make San Sebastian the perfect backdrop for a sultry romance.

Love Fact

Pintxo are San Sebastian’s version of tapas, basically small and extremely flavorful bites. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the delicacies with your loved one at a beachside bar.

Date Idea

"Sign up for a guided food tour of San Sebastian where you can taste and sip on the best pintxo food available. Or if you and your date are feeling brave, go for one of their self-guided foodie tour options!"http://www.sansebastianfood.com/

Edinburgh - Scotland

16 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Scotland’s capital city is full of mystery, intrigue and romance. With adorable tea rooms and world class pubs at every corner and the Edinburgh Castle looking down on it all, there is no shortage of fun in this bustling city. The date ideas don’t end there though! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can book a ghost tour or hike up Arthur’s Seat.

Love Fact

Edinburgh set the backdrop for the Scottish romanticism movement during the middle ages, and has held on to much of it’s historic charm.

Date Idea

"Since it rains quite frequently in Edinburgh, suggest a date that will keep you dry! Spend an afternoon wandering around the National Museum for some culture and romance."http://www.nms.ac.uk/national-museum-of-scotland/

New York City - USA

17 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

New York is on our list simply because of the limitless possiblilities it has to offer-there truly is something for every couple in the big apple. From Central Park to Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge and beyond, NYC is bursting with scenes that inspire romance and offers the best food, drinks, theater, nightlife on Earth, which is why it is often dubbed “The Capital of the World.”

Love Fact

The iconic Plaza Hotel has been featured in many romance films and was recently renovated in 2008. It’s definitely worth a stop!

Date Idea

"Partner up on a paddleboat. Paddle out from Central Park Lake's Loeb Boathouse, where you can rent a paddleboat for $15 an hour from April through November."http://www.thecentralparkboathouse.com/boats.php

Jaipur - India

18 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Known as India’s “Pink City,” Jaipur will awaken all of your senses with it’s rich culture and regal history. There are temples, luscious gardens, palaces and invigorating street bazaars to explore hand in hand with your partner.

Love Fact

One of the most surprisingly romantic activities you can do in Jaipur is take an elephant ride down one of the cities bustling and sultry streets.

Date Idea

"Just outside of Jaipur is Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace. Built in 1779, this palace is home to fountains, galleries and is embellished with colorful murals depicting the Radha-Krishna love story, making it the perfect place to explore with someone special of your own."http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisodiya_Rani_Bagh

Charleston - USA

19 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Charleston has been voted “America’s Favorite City” three times, and it’s nearly year round perfect weather, charming locals and rich history provide a low key backdrop to a romantic weekend away from the daily grind. Charleston Nightlife

Love fact

The movie “The Notebook” was filmed here!

Date Idea

Set sail across Charleston Harbor. Many companies in Charleston offer sailing charters that depart directly from downtown.http://www.charlestonsailingcharters.com/

Marrakech - Morocco

20 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Morocco is known as the “Red” city, which is, of course, the color of love. From the bustling markets, spices that linger in the air, colorful tapestries that adorn the city and adventurous date ideas (camel ride, anyone?) Morocco is a city that will definitely ignite romance. It’s exotic, sexy and unique.

Love fact

Adventure is the name of the game in Morocco. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the city limits on camelback to Erg Chebbi, where you can spend a romantic evening under the desert sky and stars.

Date Idea

"Bathing on a date? Absolutely if you're in Morocco. Visit one of the many hammams, either at a private hotel or spa for a more secluded experience, or in town with the locals. Take turns getting each other's backs!"http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g293734-d639679-Reviews-Hammam_Ziani-Marrakech_Marrakech_Tensift_El_Haouz_Region.html

Cape Town - South Africa

21 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Cape Town has an abundance of fine dining establishments, relaxing spas and resorts Go for a romantic horseback ride on Noordhoek Beach, or take a sunset cable car up to Table Mountain where you can soak in the majestic views. Cape Town Nightlife

Love fact

Nothing says “love” like roses and at Chart Farm in Cape Town you can pick your own flowers together, and enjoy tea and cake on the terrace when you’ve chosen your blooms.

Date Idea

"Sign up for the private cellar tour and wine tasting at Bosman Family Vineyards, an established winery outside of Capetown in Wellington. They offer award winning wines with a casual yet romantic ambiance."http://bosmanwines.com/

Los Angeles - California

22 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

LA has something for every type of couple. With miles of beaches, some of the best restaurants and bars in the world, a glamorous Hollywood history and sunshine nearly year round, Los Angeles is romantic simply because you’ll never get bored in this sunny city! Los Angeles NIghtlife

Love fact

You don’t have to travel all the way to Venice to experience a romantic gondola ride! Try out the LA version in Long Beach’s Naples instead.

Date Idea

One of the great things about Los Angeles is that there is always something going on or a new show to see! Check out the Hollywood Bowl events calendar and plan a romantic date night with live music under the stars.http://www.hollywoodbowl.com/

Dublin - Ireland

24 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Castles, culture and cathedrals add to the romance factor in Ireland’s capital city. The scenery is stunning, with rolling green hills and clear lakes surrounding the bustling city center. You’ll never run out of date ideas here, with galleries, restaurants and concert halls at your disposal.

Love fact

Dublin is the final resting place of Saint Valentine himself. The Patron Saint’s relics are located within the White Friar Street Church.

Date Idea

"The Gravity Bar inside the Guinness Storehouse offers an incredible 360 degree view of the Dublin skyline and is the perfect place to get to know each other better, pints in hand."http://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en/rooms_gravity_bar.aspx

Melbourne - Australia

23 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

Australian Traveler Magazine voted Melbourne the “Most Romantic City” in 2013 and described it as “A little Paris by day, a little New York by night.” With charming bars and restaurants to duck into, and beautiful gardens to wander through hand in hand, it’s easy to see why this sophisticated city tops the list!

Love fact

Melbourne is particularly health conscious and vegan friendly, making it a hit with couples who live a meat free lifestyle.

Date Idea

"There is nothing like lingering over a delicious meal with someone you love. Classic Italian cuisine set in the heart of Melbourne is the name of the game at Grossi Florentino, a fine-dining establishment on Bourke Street."http://www.grossi.com.au/

San Diego - California

25 out of 25

Why It’s On Our List

San Diego projects a laidback, relaxed yet elegant vibe that lends itself well to romance. From it’s sunny beaches and small coffee shops, to the historic Hotel Del Coronado or the million dollar views in La Jolla, San Diego is the perfect place to get lost for a few days!

Love fact

Scripps Park in La Jolla is the most photographed spot in San Diego due to the picturesque scenery and the amount of weddings that occur there. It’s a great place to catch some beautiful views, listen to the waves crash and take a kissing selfie or two.

Date Idea

"At the very end of the Oceanside Pier is Ruby's, a 50's style diner embracing a simpler time. Split a burger, fries and shake while watching the ocean sway beneath you."http://www.rubys.com/


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