Top tips for dating a billionaire

Millionaire Dating in the UK

We’ve all fascinated about what our life would be like if a gorgeous billionaire was to sweep us off our feet. The release of the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey made the nation even more curious and after seeing a stunning penthouse, impressive helicopter, shiny BMW and upgraded flight we’ve decided it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing! Without further ado we’ve created some of the top tips to find yourself a millionaire boyfriend. Thank us later.

Do stay educated. Your millionaire will most likely come from a strong academic background and be knowledgeable about world news and politics. He’ll be interested in your views and like to know you can hold an intellectual conversation.

Don’t be put off by age. If you want to walk into the world of his millions, you might have to aim older. Age is just a number right? (It is with a wallet that big!)

Do have a talent. This will make you stand out from other girls, having a passion and pursuing it will appeal to him. He’s obviously motivated and hard working so he’ll like to see you are as well, plus being good at something he’s not will do wonders for that ego of yours.

Don’t be a cliche. Those girls with their perfectly even tan, shopping addictions and highlighted hair are waiting around every corner and your millionaire has become accustomed to sniffing out these gold digger types.

Do become a local in their frequent hangouts. You’re most likely to cross paths if you’re within the same four walls. Remember that you’re there to impress so less sloppy drunk and more sophisticated elegance.

Don’t blow your  bank. To get involved with the ‘in crowd’ you can still attend charity galas and elite social events without donating your life to make it onto the VIP list. You can volunteer at these events and once you’re in, you’re in!

Do your research. Focus on the industries that accumulate the most millionaires- Oil and gas, entertainment, real estate and finance.

Don’t be afraid to go alone. Hanging out in a coffee house that’s known for attracting the richest will nudge fate in your direction. ‘We met in a coffee shop..’ Read a good book in your free time or take your laptop and finish some work. You’ll seem more approachable if you’re on your own and he’ll admire your independence.

Do find an interest in the ‘upper-class’ hobbies. Attend polo, vintage auctions and maybe try your hand at some shooting or golf lessons.

Don’t be spoilt. Stay humble and appreciative, simply offering to pay once in a while will be in your best interest. Manners are everything!

Do have your own life. As much as you want to be welcomed into his high flying life, he will also like to know you have your own get up and go. What do you have you to offer him?

Don’t be a money grabber. As audacious as this process is, you should be able to connect with him on a deeper level. Millionaires need to be loved too!

Do be in control of your finances. It will impress a millionaire to know that you’re aware of your own cash flow. Knowing that you would be able to stand on your own two feet without his generosity will be hugely beneficial to you both.

Catch a future millionaire. The ‘up and coming’  man about to invest in a business or studying a ‘techy’ masters are the perfect bait because he won’t think you’re sniffing out his wallet.


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