Online Dating in Warwickshire

WarwickshireThe county town of Warwickshire is surrounded by beautiful countryside. If you’re ever stuck for something to do you can go for a drive, cycle or walk the amazing landscapes of this pretty county. Of course, there’s always the opportunity to head to the famous Warwick Castle too. Image via angietubby on Flickr.


The Open Road

MustangA road trip is a fantastic way to see some of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. You can either take your own car on a trip or, if you want something really special, why not hire one. It might be expensive but perhaps hire a classic sports car for you and your date. It’s an impressive way to travel and a road trip is so much more fun when you’re driving something exciting. The Open Road offers a range of stunning cars. You can go for anything from a striking classic Mustang to a slick new Aston Martin. Image via jennnster on Flickr.


Adventure Sports

ShootingIf you are a fan of getting your adrenaline pumping, why not head out for a day of adventure. You’ll definitely get points for an innovative first date idea. At Adventure Sports can choose from a number of exciting activities from off-road driving to clay pigeon shooting. Image via jj69 on Flickr.


The Mill Garden

MillIf you fancy something a bit more relaxed then why not take a stroll around this lovely garden. At the bottom of Mill Street is the Mill Garden, famed for the quality of its planting in an unbelievable setting. It was created over a period of sixty years by the late Arthur Measures, who made it a personal expression of his love of plants.

The stone castle gives it a dramatic back drop so it’s a beautiful place to walk in, especially during the summer when all the flowers are out in bloom. Image via hamadryades on Flickr.


Warwick Castle

CastleThis famous castle is well known for all the things to see and do here. It’s an impressive castle with a number of towers and turrets, plenty of live shows, and loads of chances to immerse yourself in the history of the place. If you’re a television fan then why not go through the interactive Merlin adventure in The Dragon Tower. It’s the first experience of its kind to be based on the show.
If you and your date are feeling brave then you can explore the Castle Dungeon. It dates back to 1345 when Warwick was gripped by the Plague. As you explore you’ll meet different characters from torturers to the castle cook. Visiting Warwick Castle is a great chance to see the formidable trebuchet in action too. Since being built in 2005 it’s been fired more than 6,500 times. Image via johnmueller on Flickr.


Tailors Restaurant

Take your date for a romantic meal at the renowned Tailors Restaurant. It’s a smart place to eat regardless of whether you’re stopping in for lunch or dinner. You can dress up and bask in the warm, inviting atmosphere. You’ll be treated to a great wine list and menus full of great seasonal produce.

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