Online Dating in Grimsby

Grimsby is a seaport town in Lincolnshire. It’s just 45 miles from the county town of Lincoln and only 3 miles from the nearby town of Cleethorpes. Check out our favourite date ideas in this seaside city.

Theme Park Date at Pleasure Island

Pleasure IslandThis theme park is the perfect place for a first date. Laugh and scream on rides such as Boomerang and Obliterator. Or, take it easy on the more gentle rides such as the Mini Mine Train and Shrieksville. There is a ride for everyone at Pleasure Island and there are plenty of places to relax with some food and drink too. Perhaps you’ll need to recover with a glass of wine and dinner at McCormacks Restaurant before heading home.

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Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

wolds railwayThe Lincolnshire Wolds Railway is set in a beautiful part of the county’s countryside and is only a short distance from Grimsby. You and your date can ride on a heritage steam train, learn a bit about the restoration of this historic line and get some great views of the Lincolnshire countryside to boot.

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Weelsby Woods

14951468355_5e24a132fc_zThese woods were once part of Weelsby Villa so still have the parkland feel to them. There are wide areas of open space, woods, play facilities, and car parking. Also, during the summer and at the weekend, the café ice cream parlour is open. It’s a great place to recharge after a walk.

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Laser Tag

8842363088_8959280289_zIf you want a bit of excitement on your date then you should team up for a game of laser tag at the Labyrinth of Doralia in Cleethorpes. You and your date will don a vest covered in sensors and will be given a laser gun. You’ll then be thrown into a dark arena where it’s your job to take shoot members of the opposite team. Get on the same team as your date and it’s a great way to build a bond through shared peril and teamwork.

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Cleethorpes Ten Pin Bowling

13885421938_cae7f64a0a_zIf you prefer your competition to be a little less sci-fi then how about a game or two of ten pin bowling? You and your date can indulge in a bit of healthy competition and this is a great chance to get to know one another while having some fun. There’s also a bar where you can chat about your victories over a drink and a snack bar where you can grab a bite to eat before heading home.

Jungle Zoo Date

18980785889_c9bed4a4d2_zZoos are always a great place to go on a date as everyone loves animals. At the Jungle Zoo you’ll find weird creatures such as the African clawed frog; bird eating tarantula and axolotl. There are also plenty of cuddly favourites too like the lemurs, meerkats and pygmy goats. You can spend an entire day at the zoo looking at the animals and watching demonstrations from the keepers. There’s also the very important message of conservation that comes through from the zoo. This comes from the advice given at the talks to the work the zoo does on a national and local level.

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