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Watford LocksWatford is a town just 17 miles outside of London but you don’t have to travel to the big city to get the most out of a date. There’s plenty to do right on your doorstep!

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Take a Warner Brothers Studio Tour

HogwartsThis is one for Harry Potter fans. Perhaps you and your date began chatting because of your love for the books, or perhaps you are movie fans. Regardless, this is a great place for a first date. You do need to book your tickets in advance, you can’t just turn up ready for the studio tour. Bear that in mind so neither of you are left disappointed. The tour will take you around authentic sets used in the movies and will give you a chance to see behind-the-scenes. You will be able to walk on the original stone floor of the Hogwarts Great Hall, meet animatronic creatures and even take a look down Diagon Alley.

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Cassiobury Park Exploring

CassioburyThis is the largest open space in Watford with 190 acres of parkland to explore. It stretches from Watford town centre all the way out to the woods and countryside on the west of the town. You could watch a game of football or, in the summer, cricket. Try your hand at some fishing or just go for a walk. Whippendell Wood is a lovely part of the park and if you get there at the right time of year (usually April) you’ll  be treated to some beautiful sights of bluebells carpeting the wood floor.

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Watford Market

MarketIf you love shopping, there’s something for everyone at the Watford Market. Stop and buy some local produce (perhaps ahead of a romantic home-cooked meal?), then treat yourselves to some sweets. Perhaps even find a new outfit amongst the clothing stalls. There are also retro and vintage stalls open every Friday in the market. If you are both interested in these sorts of collectibles then it could be a good chance to get to know one another and your individual tastes.

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Rodells Delivery and a Movie

Sharing food is a great way to create conversation. If you or your date are a bit shy then talking about the food you’re eating can really break the ice. Rodells is a tapas restaurant that boasts about being ‘the only good food in Watford’. They serve eclectic world food made with Fairtrade and organic products. There’s also Wi-Fi, prosecco on tap, and a wide selection of juices and alcoholic drinks on offer. If you fancy a romantic night in then Rodells will deliver to your home if you’re in the WD17, WD18 or WD24 areas.


Catch a Show at Watford Palace Theatre

PalaceWhether you want to see films, romantic plays or hilarious pantomimes, there’s something for everyone at the Watford Palace Theatre. Again, sharing in a show is a great way to break the ice when you discuss it over a drink or two afterwards. You could go and see an old favourite such as Footloose or experience a new and exciting play from playwrights around the world.

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