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Perched between the border of England and Scotland, Carlisle has had a somewhat turbulent past; discarded or plundered by Vikings, Scots and also the Border Reivers there is still evidence of this hardship around the town. The red sandstone buildings mimic that of the castle in the centre which give an almost romantic feel to Cumbria’s capital city and the Citadel in the centre gives the city a contemporary feel. Whether you choose to stay around the city for arts and shopping or venture into the parks and find your way out to historic Hadrian’s Wall, dating in Carlisle is both romantic and adventurous.

1. Carlisle Racecourse

Racecourse_CarisleHow do you fancy your chances on this date? Why not make it a day to remember by taking your date to the races for the day? Have a flutter on the horses at Carlisle’s top-class venue. There are regular themed days and events so make sure you check out the race schedule and maybe even book a booth for you and your date to cosy up in.

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2. Hadrian’s Wall

Haydrians Wall_CarisleOne of the UK’s most important historical sites, and an impressive setting to behold, Hadrian’s Wall is easy to access from Carlisle. There is 73 miles of stone wall interspersed with forts, milecastles and turrets to be discovered and you can choose to walk along the National Trail or hire bikes to cycle the length of the route. A bus leaves Carlisle (outside the Citadel) from April to October and you can take bikes on the bus if you so wish. Birdoswald Roman Fort is one of the best-preserved sites on the route and as well as a fascinating visitor centre, the fort offers sumptuous cakes and hot drinks to warm up after a brisk walk.

Dating in Cumbria

When dating in Cumbria, it is easy to find something interesting to do that will help you get to know your date better. To give your date the highest chance of success, you will want to organise a place to meet that provides an instant topic of conversation. With so many interesting and unusual choices, Cumbria is ideal for this.

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3. Carlisle Castle

Castle_carlisleHistory buffs will love a trip to the red-brick castle in the north of Carlisle. A fairly illustrious list of residents has passed through in its time, including Mary Queen of Scott, imprisoned here in 1568 and the Royalist garrison also made it their base during the English civil war of 1568. On a visit you can stroll through the ground sand visit the dungeon to see the infamous ‘licking stones’ which kept Jacobite prisoners alive back in the day (they used to lick the stones for much-needed moisture.)

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4. John Watt & Son

Coffee_CarlisleThis delightful coffee shop will be a great place to spend the afternoon, it’s full of charming character and serves up some homemade treats that you won’t want to resist. If you’ve scheduled in a morning date you’ll be impressed with their popular breakfast menu. Another option to opt for is the afternoon tea, this quaint date will be a good way to get to know your date in an informal atmosphere.

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5. Eden Rock

Eden Rock_CarlisleIf you want to guarantee a pair of racing hearts, book in with Eden Rock! This indoor climbing wall centre will be a memorable and unique activity that’s perfect for not just sport enthusiast but anyone who’s willing to try something new! There’s courses for beginners and more challenging climbs if you’re feeling daring! You’ll find you will bond instantly with your date because you’ll have no time for nerves!

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6. The Last Zebra

The Last Zebra_ CarisleTaking your date to this cool restaurant will impress your date because the menu is full of mouth watering dishes that everyone loves! Take your pick from a selection of quality steak, juicy burgers and a large variety of sharing plates. The Last Zebra also have cocktails and craft beers available, it’s great for everyone!

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7. Tullie House

Tullie House_CarlisleTullie makes a great locations for a first date because you’ll have plenty to see and do which means conversation will never fall short! The museum holds historic weapons, fine art, natural science and to top it off, you can share your new facts and knowledge in the Tullie House restaurant.

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