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Are you single and ready to find a match? Are you bored of online dating sites that promise so much but never deliver? Are you open to the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone who takes your breath away? Are you willing to be someone’s whole life, to share emotions and days out and become a solid partnership? Are you sick of dating agencies who just can’t give you the relationship you need? If this sounds like you and you are serious about dating, courting and finding love, We Love Dates Dating Agency is the free online dating site for you! Join now and you can create a profile, upload photos, create and read diary entries created by members, search for singles and send an introductory message for free. Agency dating has never been this fun!

UK Dating Agency

As a single actively using online dating sites to find what it is you are looking for in a partner, you will know that there are lots of options available when it comes to UK dating agencies. Some will ask you to complete a long profile builder and notify you when certain facts become out of date; others will require you to fill out endless personality questionnaires and quizzes as part of the matchmaking process. But here at We Love Dates, we put all of the power of matching into your hands. Once you are a member of this free dating agency, you will be able to use our industry leading search engine features to help tailor your search for love. You can search for matches by things like their age, appearance, location, hobbies, career, salary, interests and so much more. Never before has a UK dating agency offered so much to singles looking for a match.

This means that if you’d like to get to know someone who lives in your town, loves to play sports, enjoys socialising with friends down the local pub and is career-minded, you can search for them with ease. Or, if you’d prefer to meet and match with someone who lives a few towns away from you, enjoys horse riding, loves foreign holidays and has grown up children that no longer live at home, you can search for them using We Love Dates!

It has never been this easy to find exactly what it is you are looking for – or to avoid the personality traits that just don’t do it for you!

Dating On The Go

This dating agency was created to fit effortlessly into your life, as it is today. As a member of We Love Dates, you should be able to date as and when you like. You should be able to pick up conversations between meetings or update your profile while watching your favourite TV show. This free dating site can give you all of that and more! There is no need to download an app, update your phone or set discreet messaging settings to keep your private dating life private. To date effectively with this dating agency, you simply need a connection to the internet and your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. So you could be looking through your inbox using your phone while queuing for your morning latte. Or you could search through profiles of potential matches using your tablet while making dinner for friends at home. You could pour over diary entries of new matches using your laptop on lazy Sunday mornings with a cup of tea in hand. With We Love Dates, you can date on the go with pleasure!

Start Dating Today

Singles and matches are waiting for you to join and get started on your romantic journey. Every single member using We Love Dates is single, actively looking to make a match and enjoying dating whenever it suits them. They are ready to find a connection with someone who takes their breath away, makes them belly laugh and reminds them of the fun of courting and secret rendezvous. So, what are you waiting for? Start dating today with We Love Dates Dating Agency!