Online Dating in County Waterford

Waterford Photo 1 County Waterford is a place that’s surrounded by natural beauty – from the Comeragh Mountains to the miles of sandy beaches, you’ll never be short of romantic date spots. If you’ve got a date in Waterford, here’s our guide to taking your own little beauty on a date to remember. Image via Isaac Dagel on Flickr.

Get To Know Each Other At Harlequin

Waterford Photo 2 For a successful first date, a comfortable spot with a laid-back atmosphere is key. Harlequin Cafe & Wine Bar ticks all the boxes. It has a fabulous wine list as well as a great selection of different antipasto sharing platters. Examples of these platters include mixed Italian cured meats, Italian cheeses and marinated vegetables. So sit down with a sharing platter, a top quality bottle of wine and enjoy a perfect evening getting to know each other. Image via NabityPhotos on Flickr.

Train Ride To Romance

Waterford Photo 3 In a place as scenic as Waterford, it makes sense to plan a date that lets you admire the natural landscape. The Waterford and Suir Valley Railway Company offers a beautiful train ride where you can admire the panoramic views of Suir Valley from a period carriage. You’ll see the famous Mount Congreve Gardens, which is an area that is only accessible by train. They do several trips depending on the different seasons such as The Champagne Sunset Express in the summer and The Santa Express in the winter. Image via daisyalinafe on Flickr.

Italian Dinner Date

Waterford Photo 4 Emiliano’s is everything a romantic restaurant should be. It has comfortable seating, ambient lighting and an extensive menu of traditional Italian dishes as well as some more unusual house specialities. By visiting this venue, you can create the perfect setting for romance. Bond over a glass of wine and enjoy restaurant classics such as crispy fried calamari rings, tender steak and speciality pizza. The portion sizes are very generous so save room for a slice of chocolate cake for dessert (with two spoons!) Image via dan bar dov on Flickr.

No Pressure Stroll

Waterford Photo 5 A perfect casual date involves flexible plans and a go-with-the-flow attitude. Tranmore is located only 6 miles away from Waterford City and has a gorgeous beach. Why not go for a stroll along the beach together and then relive your childhood by having some fun at Tranmore Amusement & Leisure Park? You can play mini golf, battle it out on the dodgems or go for a spin on the waltzers. The park even has its own ghost train! This is guaranteed to be a fun-filled date that’ll have you both laughing for hours! Image via Kronkin on Flickr.

Adventurous Date At Dunmore Centre

Waterford Photo 6 If your idea of a fun date is something that will get your adrenaline pumping – pick an activity based option! Dunmore Adventure Centre offers something for everyone, so you can be sure that there will be an activity that the both of you will enjoy. There’s stand up paddle-boarding, river kayaking, sea kayaking, coasteering, rock climbing and even the incredibly fun water trampoline! So choose your activity and get ready for a date that will get your heart racing! Image via MyFWCmedia on Flickr.
Background image via Isaac Dagel on Flickr.