Online Dating in County Kildare

Kildare Photo 1 Whether you’re interested in outdoor pursuits, equestrian activities, sports or architecture, there are plenty of ways for you to keep your date entertained in Kildare. Image via jdoyle2009 on Flickr.

Here are some of our best ideas…

Irish National Stud Farm

Kildare Photo 2 A good first date is one that’s original, romantic and gives you a chance to get to know each other. As Kildare is iconic because of its equestrian activities, why not head to the Irish National Stud Farm for your first date? You can admire some of Kildare’s most successful race horses then surprise your date with a romantic stroll in the world famous Japanese Gardens. These gardens were created in 1906-1910 by a Japanese landscape gardener and are truly breathtaking. The themed gardens takes you on a symbolic journey through life featuring a Zen garden, exotic planets and sacred bamboos.There is also a restaurant at the stud farm so end your perfect afternoon stroll with a tea and some scones. Image via Photos-by Ricardo on Flickr.

Newbridge Silverware Visitor

Kildare Photo 3 Worried about awkward silences if you go for a formal meal with your date? An activity or cultural based date is always a good way to ensure there are enough talking points. Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre is a great place to take a date. It has an incredible selection of silverware to buy with both simple and luxurious pieces on offer. As well as this, a highlight is the Museum of Style Icons which is free to get into and a real treat. It has an exquisite selection of costumes and film memorabilia from music and movie icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson and Madonna. It’s ranked as one of the top 5 attractions in Ireland and has props from films such as Lord of the Rings, so there’s something to capture everyone’s interests. Image via joefuz on Flickr.

Las Radas

Kildare Photo 4 If love is in the air (or at least you’re hoping it might be), then you need a date location to set the scene for romance. Las Radas is the perfect choice – a cosy and intimate tapas bar that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Spain. It has a great atmosphere, seductive maroon walls, dimmed lighting and it even has regular wine and tapas tasting nights.The food is delicious so this date will be a guaranteed hit. Make sure you try to Sicilian meatballs and the duck spring rolls. Image via rogersmj on Flickr.

Canal Walk Cafe

Kildare Photo 5 For a relaxed and casual date, why not head to The Canal Walk Cafe in the tiny County Kildare village of Sallins? It’s a stunning little cafe that overlooks the canal and is the perfect place to go after a morning stroll in the fresh air. The Canal Walk Cafe is known for its homemade bread, sun-dried tomato butter and tasty Mediterranean-inspired menu. Why not take your date for a morning walk then stop by the cafe for a delicious brunch. If you’ve got room for something sweet – be sure to try the delicious homemade chocolate cake. Image via harve64 on Flickr.

Kildare Maze

Kildare Photo 6 Sometimes the best dates are when you plan something a little out-of-the-ordinary. To surprise your date, why not arrange a trip to the Kildare Maze? There are two mazes to choose from and even a mini golf course. If the weather is on your side, why not pack some delicious snacks and take advantage of the extensive picnic areas to choose from?
Background image via infomatique on Flickr.