Date idea:

Build a Snowman

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 





It may not sound like a typical date activity, but building a snowman makes for an incredibly fun, sweet and nostalgic activity for small and big kids alike! The magic of childhood that a day spent playing in the snow recalls will make you and your partner feel young and the gorgeous picture of newly fallen snow is very romantic. This is a simple and fun activity with room for plenty of creativity, so it’s also ideal for single parents who are bringing little ones along on the date to get to know their partner.

The next time it snows, delight your date with an impromptu snow day! Use the guide below, together with a bit of imagination, to build your own Frosty!


  • Fluffy, Freshly Fallen Snow
  • Warm Winter Clothes
  • A Top Hat (or head gear of your choice)
  • A Long, Very Orange Carrot
  • Rocks For The Eyes And Buttons
  • A Tobacco Pipe
  • A Wintery Scarf
  • Sticks For The Arms


  1. Using the right kind of snow. This isn’t a date that you can definitely plan ahead of time, but you can watch the weather forecasts and try to arrange a date for a day or two after a snowstorm or significant snowfall. In order to form the body, which is made up of different sized snowballs, you’ll need access to at least 4-6 inches (the more, the better!) of fluffy, freshly fallen snow. Older snows tends to ice over and become wet, so build your snowman right after a new snowfall!
  2. Form the body. You can feel free to be as creative as you want (build a snowwoman, snow couple, snow family, or anything your heart desires!). Usually, yhe body of a snowman is made up of three different sized balls of snow stacked on top of each other, with the largest at the base and the smallest at the top.
  3. Though not traditional, some people use food coloring to “color” their snowman. Remember that a little goes a long way and do as you like!
  4. Decorate your snowman. This part is the most fun! If children are with you, let them put on the finishing touches. Frosty the Snowman always wore a top hat and a corn cob pipe, but you can dress your snowman however you prefer!

Date Tip

It doesn't snow everywhere, even in the northern hemisphere, all the time. If you live somewhere like Atlanta or London, you or your partner may have never had the chance to build a snowman before! So if you do get some rare snow, or have the opportunity to visit a snowbound area in winter, this date will be very exciting and great fun for everyone!
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