Date idea:

Miniature Golf

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 





An oldie but a goodie! A game of mini-golf is a classic date idea if ever there was one and it’s perfect for any couple. Whether you and your date golf every weekend or snooze when the Golf Channel comes on, there’s something about a miniature course (complete with 3 foot windmills and laughing clown hazards) that appeals to the kid in everyone!

For new couples, building a first or second date around an activity is the perfect way to break the ice and have fun together. The game provides a great distraction as a topic of conversation, while its competitive element may make the date much more interesting! You’ll be sure to spend the majority of the time laughing together as your golf balls bounce off walls and into other groups’ holes and you may even have the opportunity to heat things up with a swinging lesson or two.


  • Trainers, sandals or flats
  • Good Weather
  • Sun Protection (including sunglasses)
  • Putter and Ball Each (provided by the course)


  1. Choosing the location. This date is solely about having fun, so the mini golf course you choose is fairly unimportant. However, if there are a wealth of them close-by (lucky you!) then opt for an 18-hole course over a 9-hole one to stretch the activity out. If that isn’t an option, take advantage of second round discounts and consider issuing a challenge to play the course twice!
  2. Weather and clothing. You don’t need blue skies and sunshine for mini golf (in fact, it makes for a great cloudy day summer activity), but you do need dry weather. You should also avoid extremely windy days unless you want to spend the whole time fishing your balls out of the miniature lagoons (though that would provide an added challenge!). Don’t wear boots or high heels on the turf.
  3. Have fun! To decide who goes first, you can each hit one ball on the first hole and see which one is closest to the hole. Some good-natured competition is welcome and might spice up the date a bit, but be sure to be a good sport in order to make a great impression.
  4. Afterwards. If the date is going well, feel free to continue it! Grab a drink or ice cream, play another round or go to the arcade or driving range that many mini-golf courses have on-site.

Date Tip

If you want to up the ante on this date, feel free to stage a friendly wager at the outset! For instance, have the loser (or winner!) buy ice cream or drinks afterwards.
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