Date idea:

Bicycle Trip

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 4 Hours 





Are you and your partner ready for a fun, active day of exploring the countryside?! Whether you and your partner are keen cyclists or not, taking a relaxed bicycle trip is a great way to spend a day outside enjoying the sunshine! It also gives you a chance to be creative about the route you take, the places you stop, and the activities you do along the way. Head to the beach, lake, or mountains, venture to a nearby town or simply explore your own on just two wheels! You can plan a lovely restaurant to dine in along the way, pack a picnic or stop at a farm stand. Whatever you do with the day, you’ll both feel great at the end of it.


  • 2 Good Bicycles
  • Reflective Vests
  • Sports Shoes
  • Comfortable, Breathable Sportswear
  • Water and Snack
  • Map
  • Sun Protection
  • Portable Radio/MP3 Player with Small Speakers (optional)


  1. Make sure you’re both interested. Before you get too excited about cycling afar, make sure that your date is just as psyched. You should both by physically fit and capable of easy cycling for several hours. Of course you’ll take lots of breaks, but you do want to make sure that you’re both in good enough shape to really enjoy the day instead of spending it counting down the minutes til it’s over!
  2. Plan your route. If you like a bit of spontaneity, no problem! You don’t have to choose a destination, but you should bring a map and have a cycling route in mind. The last thing you want is to get lost or cycle in one direction for an hour only to find out once you get there that the road is un-passable! Do your homework, make sure all of the roads you’re taking are in good order for bicycles, and time your trip. Plan for at least 2 hours more than you expect it to last to ensure that you get home before dark.
  3. Be prepared. Safety first - bring an air pump in the case of a flat tire, a small first aid kit for emergencies, a fully charged mobile phone (two is even better!), a map for each of you, money, sunglasses, sunscreen and reflective vests. You’ll be sweating a good deal and need a lot of energy, so bring 2 liters of water each and some nutritious, calorie-dense snacks like trail mix, granola bars, power bars and dried fruit.
  4. Activities? You don’t need to do anything special aside from ride around and enjoy the scenery, but if you are interested in making plans in the next town or going to the beach, plan ahead of time and work it into your schedule. You can eat lunch on the way or stop and have a picnic (pack ahead of time) somewhere pretty.
  5. Have fun! Though you want to be prepared, this day should make you feel like kids again! Plan your route well, but don’t be afraid to take small diversions or extra breaks to appreciate the wildlife or scenery. Go as slow or fast as you want and enjoy.

Date Tip

This is a date for cool to warm fair weather. Don’t go out if it’s supposed to rain, or if temperatures are expected to be very hot or cold. You won’t have any fun at all if you’re not comfortable!
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