Date idea:

Beach Day

By Rosie Valentine


 3 - 5 Hours 





Beach days are the epitome of hot and sexy summer fun! Whether you live near a lake, river, ocean or sea, planning a day at the beach will definitely heat up your relationship! One of the reason this is such a great date is that it’s completely flexible, so fits with the interests of every couple. If you and your date are water babies, then you don’t have to waste any time stripping down to your swimsuits and diving in! But there’s also no harm in staying beachside if that appeals to you more. You can bring a volleyball, football or frisbee to knock around. And if you’re looking for something quieter, find an empty patch of sand and read, talk, or tan in peace and relaxation.


  • Swimsuit
  • Towels
  • Sun Protection (clothing, hats, beach umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses)
  • Cold Drinks
  • Cooler
  • Picnic Snacks
  • Beach Games (volleyball, frisbee)
  • Portable Radio/Music Player (optional)
  • Cards (optional)
  • Books/Magazines (optional)


  1. Choose a beach. Decide on somewhere close by and opt for the quietest, most private option. This is a date and not a day out with your friends, so there’s no need to go somewhere with huge waves or lots of action. A pretty, quiet (if possible) and slightly remote beach is the ideal choice!
  2. Pack up. Getting ready for a day at the beach is not quick. You’ll need a lot of things to make sure that you both stay comfortable and safe out in the sun and water all day. Bring waterproof sunscreen with an SPF rating higher than 30 (coating both of yourselves before you get to the beach) and use it liberally every 2 hours. It’s incredibly easy to become dehydrated, so bring lots of non-alcoholic drinks (throw a few cocktails in there too, if you want) in a cooler to keep cold. Because of sand concerns (the stuff gets everywhere!) simple is best, when it comes to food.
  3. Have fun! If your date is the active, sporty type, go swimming and play in the water! Jump over and under waves and play catch in the surf. You can also bring a frisbee along to pass back and forth or join a pick-up game of volleyball. A portable radio (turned down low so that it doesn’t disrupt your partners) makes a great additional to the party atmosphere! Don’t be afraid to engage in some quiet time as well - and to take advantage of the opportunity to lather each other up with sunscreen all afternoon!

Date Tip

If one of you is a parent and the little ones are coming with you on this date, try initiating a friendly sandcastle (or sand monster) competition!
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