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By Rosie Valentine


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Give each other a great time while giving back together! You and your partner will form strong bonds by enjoying shared accomplishments - and what could leave you both feeling better than spending a day volunteering in your local community? Learn more about each other and have a fun day out by choosing an organization to volunteer with in your neighborhood. Spend time cooking or serving food to poor and homeless people over the holidays or cold winter months, work together to clean up a local park, plant a community garden or spend the day cheering up some children staying in the hospital. Whatever volunteer activity you choose - and there’s at least one to fit every couple - you’ll have fun together, learn more about the kind of person your partner is, and feel great about helping people around you.


  1. Choose an organization to volunteer with. Unlike most of the date guides on this site, this is one that’s best when you both plan it together. Because volunteering can be a very personal thing, both of you should be able to have input.
  2. If you’re having trouble thinking of ways to volunteer and have never done so before, here are some options:
  3. Soup kitchen, food pantry or homeless shelter: Search online or in the phone book to find a local soup kitchen, food pantry or homeless shelter and call them each to learn about volunteering options. Around the holidays, soup kitchens and shelters receive a lot of offers of help, but they need it all year round. Long, cold winters is especially difficult for people without shelter or enough food. Don’t worry if you can’t cook, you’ll be able to help with cutting, chopping or serving!
  4. Animal Shelter: From catteries to dog pounds, animal shelters are always in need of extra people to clean the animals cages, feed and play with them. It’s especially important for traumatized animals to be socialised and cared for. This is a job that anyone can do and fall in love with! Animal lovers will have a particularly tough time leaving the shelter without taking a furry friend along.
  5. Nursing Home: Many people who live in nursing homes are visited very rarely, if at all. They may not have any living family or friends to talk with and a large number of nursing homes, especially state-funded ones, are understaffed. Spend the day reading, playing games, or talking to patients. You’ll be lucky if you’re able to give them as much enjoyment, as they give you.

Date Tip

Whichever organization the two of you choose to volunteer with, phone them ahead of time to find out what kinds of things they need and try to bring them some. Whether it’s second-hand clothing, canned food, toys, books or games, your donation will be appreciated!
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