Date idea:

Visit an Animal Shelter

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 




 Second Date 

Many people find animals to be hugely comforting and uplifting! If you have a dog lover in your life, then a weekend visit to an animal shelter is a great chance to make some cuddly animals (not to mention yourselves) very happy! This is a very sweet date to plan for someone special.

You don’t need to be looking to adopt a new pet to spend quality time with animals in need. Increasingly, shelters allow people to interact with their animals and walk dogs on a one-off basis. Spending time with a pup or cat in need can be a great bonding experience for you and your partner and is sure to melt your hearts - just be warned that it can be difficult to leave without one!


  1. Do your research. It may take a little hunting, but if you research the animal shelters in your area, you are likely to find one that allows screened visitors to play with or walk the animals, especially dogs. If that’s what you and your date are interested in doing, call ahead and check that the day and time you plan to visit the shelter coincides with the time they set aside for interaction with the dogs. The shelter may want some personal information about you before they agree to let you handle the animals - this is completely normal.
  2. Expect to be emotional. Upon seeing so many homeless animals, some of which will have suffered at the hands of previous owners or on the street, you and/or your date may become emotional. It may be a fun day, but aspects of a shelter can be sad as well. Try to focus on the positive - the animals you see are being taken good care of and are close to going off to their forever homes!
  3. New family member? Especially if you’re visiting the shelter with a steady partner, be aware that one or both of you may fall unexpectedly in love with a cat or dog and want to adopt it. If that comes up, go home and take a night to think it over. A pet is a long-term commitment that should be considered carefully before taking on.
  4. Play and enjoy!
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