Date idea:

Gift Shopping

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 3 Hours 




 Second Date 

Sitting and staring at each other over the top of a coffee mug or cocktail glass can get pretty old, pretty quick. Break from the standard second date activities and go gift shopping together instead! It sounds like an errand and not an early date idea, but having a task and a set goal to accomplish together can provide a perfectly effortless structure for a second date! You would have already met and talked a bit about your work, family and hobbies on your first date, so doing something more active means an opportunity to see your date in a whole new light!

If you’re having fun, there’s flexibility to stop for coffee, food or even a movie. Just keep up the conversation and take note of their personality. How creative and easy-going are they? Are they generous with their time and fun to be with? Do you fit well together? This date is a win-win: either you have a wonderful time and plan to see each other again or, at the very least, you can tick that mother’s day gift off your shopping list!


  • A non-specific gift hunting task
  • Nearby shops/mall
  • Money


  1. Come up with a task. Think back on whether your date has mentioned anything about a friend or family member with an up-coming birthday or other life event. If it’s near the holidays, all the better! Otherwise, think of someone you need a present for and suggest hitting the shops to find one together! Tip: Key to this date is that this isn’t simply an errand, it’s a hunting expedition! Don’t decide ahead of time what you’re going to buy. Instead, keep an open mind and listen to all their suggestions!
  2. Find the ideal hunting ground. As you don’t know what your date will suggest, go somewhere where there are lots of different kinds of shops in close proximity, such as a a village or town centre or a shopping mall. Be strategic in your choice and opt for somewhere with a nice bar, pub or restaurant nearby!
  3. Enjoy yourselves! Talk about any and everything, ride tricycles through wal-mart, try on funny hats - just have a blast! This is far from a serious date. If you find a cool gift, great. But if you don’t, that’s fine too. This is much more about the experience the goal affords you, then actually accomplishing the task.
  4. Reward yourselves! A hard day of shopping deserves a cold drink and some food. If you had a good time, treat them to a meal in exchange for all their help!

Date Tip

Word to the wise: don’t tempt fate. Stay away from wedding and baby presents for now.
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