Date idea:

Evening Cooking Class

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 3 Hours 




 Second Date 

A great twist on the typical dinner date! Taking an evening cooking class together is a fun, active alternative to more predictable dates for new couples. By cooking together, you can remove the pressure of needing to maintain constant conversation and get to know each other in action! And doing so in a class environment makes it unbelievably simple - there’s no preparation or clean up, you don’t have to design the menu, and, best of all, you’re ensured a delicious outcome!

Cooking schools are aplenty, so do a bit of online research into the options in your area and choose the one that seems the nicest or the most fun. After you’re done cooking, you can eat your creations and follow it up wiht a much-deserved drink!


  • Reservation with a local Cooking School


  1. Reserve your places. This is an impressive, yet fantastically easy to organise date! Use the internet to learn which restaurants, kitchen shops or schools in your area operate one-off evening cooking classes. If you’re in a city, there will be many options, so read the online reviews and ask around for advice before booking! Ideally, you’ll be looking for a moderately priced class (between $35 - $65 per person) to suit your budget at a time and in a place convenient to you both.
  2. Book a class. If this is one of your first dates with a new partner, make sure to ask what kind of foods they like and check that they don’t have any allergies. If they do have a food allergy, speak to the instructor beforehand to make sure the menu is safe for them to eat. Likewise, if they’re a vegetarian, avoid booking the Surf ‘n’ Turf class! Many classes sell out, so book as soon as possible.
  3. Dress to impress. You should dress very smartly, but comfortably enough to move around in (avoiding three-piece suits, cocktail dresses and stilettos) and casually enough that you won’t be upset if a bit of flour ends up on your clothes!
  4. Relax and enjoy. You may be taking a class together, but it shouldn’t be serious! Be helpful, not competitive. There should be a lot of laughing and joking (likely at your own expense!) going on while you’re cooking. Enjoy the chance to see your partner in a new light and learn something new together!
  5. Eat! You’ll be able to dine on your creations at the end of the class. Sample each other’s cooking (be complimentary of your date’s cooking skills - no matter what!) and, if all is going well, suggest a nightcap somewhere nearby.

Date Tip

This date doesn’t require any cooking skills or experience. An instructor will guide you through an (almost) fool-proof process, so no worries! Your primary focus should be on having a great time together.
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