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Dinner and a Movie

By Rosie Valentine


 4 Hours 




 Second Date 

Dinner and a movie has long been a standard date night itinerary, and for good reason! An all-weather date with nearly universal appeal, it can be modified to fit individual interests and personalities. Whether you and your date are particularly studious and reflective (documentary film), goofy (comedy), alternative (independent), passionate (drama) or thrill seekers (action/horror), there’s something for everyone!

And while it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to cuddle, kiss and hold hands at the cinema (the film could stimulate some great conversation afterwards!), a movie on its own does not a great date make. It’s important to round off the evening with plenty of good conversation. Taking your date to a nice restaurant before or after is just the ticket!


  • Movie Tickets (book ahead if likely to be sold out)
  • Dinner reservation


  1. Choosing a film. You’ll likely choose the film before you decide where to have dinner. If you don’t know your date well, ask them which movie they’d like to see. They’ll appreciate the selflessness and return the favor the next time! In general, comedy tends to be the best film genre for new couples. See the outline guide below.
  2. Choosing a restaurant. One way to spice up the dinner and a movie routine is to make it a theme night. For example, if you were going to see The Godfather, an Italian restaurant would be in order. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Pizza it is! Tip: Don’t forget to make reservations if you’re planning to go to an especially popular or formal restaurant on a busy night. It will make your partner feel even more special to know that you thought ahead!
  3. Enjoy yourselves! Offer to buy movie snacks and follow your date’s lead when it comes to choosing seats for the film. Avoid common mistakes, such as talking during the movie, hogging the popcorn (absolute dealbreaker), or being too affectionate too quickly.
  4. If you go to the movies after dinner and the date is going well, feel free suggest a nightcap at a cozy cafe or diner to discuss the film!

Date Tip

A cheat sheet guide to choosing the best movie genre for your date:

RomCom: These feel good films may be geared towards women, but they can be great for couples.

Horror: You either love it or hate it! If you’re a fan of scary movies (many people aren’t, so check that your partner is), it’s a great excuse to cuddle.

Drama: May be best to avoid for new couples depending on the subject matter. Use your best judgement.

Comedy: Perfect for a first or second date! Opting for a light-hearted flick that makes you laugh will leave you both feeling good. Action: There won’t be as much opportunity for romance, but as long as the film interests both of you, go for it!
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