Date idea:

The Wedding Date

By Rosie Valentine


 3 - 6 Hours 





Ahh, wedding season. Once you hit your mid-twenties, your spring and summer weekends will start to become booked with weddings, engagement parties and bachelor/bachelorette weekends. Soon, your best shot at seeing your new girlfriend or boyfriend between Friday and Sunday is to take them along as your “+1” - and it’s a great opportunity to spend time together and have fun, if you do it right! After all, you’ll both get to dress up, dine on a free gourmet meal and dance the night away with friends! Here are some guidelines you may find helpful to follow to make your next wedding date a great one!


  • Transportation
  • A very nice suit/dress
  • A card and/or presents for the new couple
  • Flats and an extra top layer (for women)


  1. Weddings are incredibly romantic, for obvious reasons. Watching two people vow to spend the rest of their lives loving each other is a very special thing to witness - which is why, in general, you shouldn’t take anyone you’re not yet serious about as your date to a wedding. It’s simply too intense for a new relationship to handle.
  2. However, taking a new love or a long-term partner to a wedding can be fantastic (and free!) way to spend your time together! If you’ve been invited along with a +1, ask your date far ahead of time whether they would like to go with you and RSVP early.
  3. Dress Codes. Not all weddings are identical, so check the invitation for information about the required dress code and communicate it to your date as quickly as possible so that they have adequate time to prepare the right outfit. Make sure that you dress sharply and are well-groomed!
  4. Pay attention to your date. Your friends or family will likely be attending the wedding, so it’s easy to become distracted. Don’t lose sight of your date! Make sure that you introduce them to everyone you speak to and that you spend the majority fo time speaking and dancing with them.
  5. Be wild! Weddings are infamous for their corny dance music - do the limbo, dance the mashed potato and the chicken dance! The more fun you have the better the date will go.

Date Tip

Many people get drunk at weddings. Don’t. It may be difficult, but you’ll appear ten times sexier to your date is they see you as responsible.
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