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Watch the Fireworks

By Rosie Valentine


 1 Hour 





Songs have been sung, poems have been written and countless victories and holidays have been celebrated with brilliant fireworks displays around the world. There’s something joyous and endlessly romantic about seeing the flash of a bright light ahead of a boom and an explosion of star-shaped colors in a dark night sky. Perhaps that’s why they’re so often featured at weddings!

If you want your partner’s heart to soar, plan a special private fireworks viewing the next time they happen near you!


  1. Find a display. Major firework displays are held across the country, and in most western countries, all year long and for a variety of occasions. To find out when the next one will happen near you, check your town or city’s tourist website or call your local information bureau. In most countries, fireworks displays take place on national independence or unity/reunification days, New Year’s Eve, to celebrate successful elections, and during special local and regional celebrations. In the UK, a host of fireworks displays occur every year during the week of bonfire night at the beginning of November.
  2. Organise a private viewing. Fireworks often attract large crowds of people, but they can be seen for miles around. Whether it’s a rooftop, hilltop or a beach across the way, find somewhere private to sit to make the evening as romantic as possible.
  3. Supplies. Bring a warm blanket or two (one to lay on in the summer and another to cuddle together in on winter nights) and drinks with you. If you’re not driving, feel free to mix a couple cocktails or hot toddies! A bottle of chilled champagne, wine, or a thermos of mulled wine or hot chocolate will also help set the mood.
  4. Arrive to your spot early and get comfortable. Most fireworks displays last for a maximum of 15 - 30 minutes, so avoid being late! Have a drink and talk, stopping to snuggle together to “oooh” and “ahhh” when the show begins. Who knows, they may some fireworks of your own!

Date Tip

Make sure to dress warmly in winter and avoid alcohol if you’re driving - especially on New Year’s Eve. If the weather is comfortable, bring some snacks or a picnic and eat outside before or after the show.
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