Date idea:

Scenic Train Trip

By Rosie Valentine


 4 - 8 Hours 





Ahh, the romance of train travel! Just the thought of it brings to mind old Hollywood glamour and love scenes featuring the likes of Clark Gable, Lauren Becall, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. That kind of romance isn’t just for movie stars - something about traveling on rails through dramatic mountain passes or along rocky coastlines inspires it. Perhaps that’s the reason that train travel is still alive and well. Choose from short day trips through lovely countryside, which we discuss here, or book tickets on one of many antique overnight trains that still provide the same level of first-class service as they did a century ago. This is a special date to plan for a very special someone.


  • Train Tickets
  • Map
  • Drinks and Snacks (optional)
  • Small Blanket


  1. Find a train route. This is a date that plans itself after you buy the tickets. Look for a route that starts nearby, so that you don’t spend half the day driving, and travels through particularly interesting or beautiful countryside. If you can afford it, book two seat together in first class, where you’re likely to have peace and quiet, or opt for box seats in a passenger car. This is a scenic trip, so securing window seats are key!
  2. Most trains sell food and beverages, but you can also bring your own aboard. If the train you’re travelling on isn’t of a very high standard (as many aren’t), then bring your own food and drinks. Pack a special wine and prepare food that harkens back to an older, more genteel era.
  3. On the trip. The point here is to relax, cuddle up together (you could bring a small blanket) and appreciate the beautiful scenery together without any effort.
  4. Your arrival. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can turn around and return straight away, but hopefully you will have arrived in a pretty village or city that you can explore for a few hours! See a show, spend time at the beach, take a walking tour or book a table at a nice restaurant - do whatever you like! The trip back will likely be in darkness, so feel free to fall asleep together.

Date Tip

There are endless ways in which you can design this incredibly romantic date, as either a day trip as described here, a vacation or a trip of a lifetime. Use your imagination and do what’s right for you!
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