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Couples Spa Day

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 4 Hours 





Luxury spa days aren't just for women anymore! After all, everyone needs to be able to relax and unwind once in awhile. So why not let someone else treat you and your date to a wonderfully chilled afternoon or day of pampering? A spa day, especially for two, won’t be cheap (though you can often find fantastic deals online!), but when you both leave feeling like you’re walking on air, it will have been worth it. Lunch, drinks and snacks are sometimes included and always available, so you won’t need to leave the spa all day. And the best part? There’s nothing to organise but the treatments you want! So sit back, relax and prepare to be pampered!


  1. Find a spa. As already noted, a day for two at the spa can cost a pretty penny, so it should be arranged as a special treat or even a celebration. This doubles as a thoughtful present, and if your partner is usually stressed or especially health-conscious, they will be doubly grateful! Look online for spas in your area, including hotel spas. Read all the reviews and choose somewhere very nice! The day could be easily ruined by a place with poor hygiene or inexperienced therapists.
  2. Search for deals. Just because it’s a special treat doesn't mean you can’t try to get the most for your money! Browse online voucher sites, such as Groupon and Wowcher for special spa deals in your area for 2-for-1 deals or other discounts and special offers. Check nicer hotel spas to see if they have specials for overnight guests. Make reservations as early as you can to avoid disappointment!
  3. Choose your treatments. At the time of booking, or shortly thereafter, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the treatments you would both like to have. They may all be enjoyed in tandem with your partner, or you may be able to choose from different options. Fantastic couples treatments include: Swedish and hot stone massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, wraps and detox treatments. Get things rally steamy with a session in the steam room or a bath for two!
  4. Enjoy the big day! Put yourselves in someone else’s hands and don’t worry about anything! This is a highly intimate date, so just focus on you and your partner’s complete relaxation.

Date Tip

A luxurious treat for any couple, this date will be especially appreciated by tired single parents, health-conscious individuals, and those with high-stress jobs. Some of the treatments requires established intimacy, so this may not be right for very new couples - use your best judgement.
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