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Go to a Flower Show

By Rosie Valentine


 3 - 4 Hours 





Flowers, in and of themselves, are romantic and uplifting. And if you thought flower shows were just for women, you’re mistaken! Over the past few years, more and more celebrity landscapers and budding designers have been commissioned to create gorgeous, awe-inspiring works of art out of fresh flowers at the world’s top flower shows and exhibitions. At the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London, England, member of the royal family attend every year to see where the millions of dollars being pumped into the designing of magnificient quarter-acre gardens have gone. And some of them are truly amazing to behold!

While the show gardens are the main attraction for most visitors, there’s plenty more to enjoy! From the best fresh cut specimens and life-size sculptures crafted entirely from flowers to hundreds of stands manned by deck flooring specialists, greenhouse builders, handcraft sellers, sculptors, painters and wood workers. Selling everything from spice packets and soap to gazebos and birdbaths - there’s something for everyone!


  • Tickets and Exhibition Map
  • Camera
  • Sun protection
  • Umbrella


  1. Get tickets. The most popular flower shows sell out quickly (it’s true, guys), so book them early. As flowers are, in effect, fresh produce, they wilt with time. Try to attend the show on one of its first days to view the flowers and gardens at their finest!
  2. Arrive early. If your tickets are for a specific time of day, arrive early and together (ti’s a nightmare to find each other in a crowd of big hats). Most gatekeepers will allow you in a bit early and there’s plenty to see! Make sure you get a free show map when you enter. At the large shows, it will be a lifesaver!
  3. Strategize. Take a minute to get your bearings once you’ve entered and decide together whether you want to visit the show gardens or the exhibition tent first. Show gardens, which are the main attraction for most visitors, are typically outside and crowded. The exhibition tent is filled with flower sculptures, the finest examples of fresh cut flowers, seeds and bulbs for sale, and top contest entries. Strategically, it’s best to visit the show gardens whenever there’s a lull in the crowd - around lunchtime or in the evening.
  4. Be inspired. Whether the two of you are looking for ideas for your own home and garden or are dreaming about the future, you’ll find plenty of inspiration! Show each other your favorite gardens, smell all the different roses and be awed by the best creations.

Date Tip

You can feel free to bring drinks and snack in with you, but plenty will be available to purchase. Flower shows take place rain or shine, so arrive armed with an umbrella, sunscreen and hat.
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