Date idea:

Day Hike

By Rosie Valentine


 3 - 4 Hours 





Are you and your date athletic? Do you both love wildlife and the outdoors? Then a short hiking trip somewhere local is a perfect date for you! Late spring and early autumn are the best times of year to trudge up mountain trails and, especially in the autumn, reward you with beautiful views all the way up to the top!

That said, it is not the ideal date for someone completely new to hiking or unsure of their physical fitness level. It gets a “difficult” rating below due to the preparation work involved in planning a safe hiking trip.


  • Hiking boots
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Map
  • Water and Healthy Snacks
  • Portable First Aid Kit
  • Fully Charged Mobile Phone
  • Camera and/or Binoculars (optional)


  1. Choose the right hike for you and your date. Leaving civilization behind for the day as you hike up mountains and through scenic passes can be very romantic! But it can also be very strenuous. Before planning your date, first ensure that you are both absent from injury, physically fit and keen to explore the outdoors. Hiking doesn’t have to mean reaching a mountain summit - if you’re older or less fit, consider some flat day hikes in a national park or local woodland.
  2. Be prepared. Always a good motto, but when you’re heading out into the wilderness, it is incredibly important that you know where you’re going and have prepared for potential problems!
  3. Weather and clothing. To help avoid accidents and the chances of heat stroke, choose a mild-weathered day. Wear layers of breathable clothing, thick socks and good hiking boots.
  4. Take it easy and have FUN! Remember, this is a date and not a competition! Hike slow enough to carry on a pleasant conversation and stop often to hydrate, snack, and appreciate the local scenery and wildlife. Take along a camera and binoculars and look out for rare birds and wildlife!

Date Tip

Be safe and make this hiking trip fun! If you see that your date isn't enjoying themselves or is having a difficult time with the climb, don’t treat it like a problem. Instead, have a little picnic where you are and head down early.
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