Date idea:

Box Set Marathon

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 6 Hours 





A big date doesn’t have to mean big money! Some of the best quality couple time is spent cuddled up in front of the tv together. Ideal on a rainy day, or for anyone short on cash, a bit tired of going out, or way behind on your TiVo, this is a date sure to please everyone! Best of all, it can be done any time of year. Just choose a series you both like, stock up on food and drinks, and settle in for a very chilled day.


  • Box Set of Your Choice
  • Comfy Sofa
  • Soft Blanket
  • Food & Drinks


  1. Choose a good box set. No-one wants to spend an entire day watching a show they hate, so make sure to discuss potential options with your partner ahead of time and decide together. Pay attention to their interests - is there a series they’ve always meant to watch, but never have? Or a show they love and have been dying to catch up on? Ask these questions and your thoughtfulness will be appreciated!
  2. Prepare to nest. Want your date to feel comfortable and stick around all day? Pick up the house and give the floors a once over. Decide where you want to cuddle up and make the area extra comfortable with some pillows and a blanket for two!
  3. Cinema snacks. You’re in for the long haul, so stock up on lots tv-friendly snacks like popcorn, nachos, and candy! Wine, beer and soft drinks are great to have on hand. For lunch/dinner, make something ahead of time or simply order take out.
  4. Enjoy! The ideal date for getting frisky, be willing to take it slow if it’s still early on in your relationship.

Date Tip

Good TV is addictive and so, hopefully, is this date! While the typical rule of thumb for early dating is to avoid stretching dates out too long, this is one that can afford to last into the wee hours of the morning. Leave your plans open-ended and be ready for wherever the night takes you...
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