Date idea:

Bookshop Date

By Rosie Valentine


 2 Hours 





If you and your date are more cerebral than outdoorsy, more reflective than wild, then spending the afternoon milling around a large bookshop is a fun and unique idea! While many first dates follow a standard routine of drinks, dinner or a movie, this casual plan will give you and your date the chance to talk without the pressure of focusing solely on conversation the entire time. Simply put, there will be props, challenges and games!

Most large bookstores have cozy cafes within them, so you can each grab some books to bring back to the table and look at or finish your browsing session with a coffee. You can learn a lot about a person’s interests and personality based on the books they read and, best of all, books provide endless topics of conversation!


  1. Choose a bookstore. Look for a large bookshop near you, as you’ll feel comfortable spending a longer time somewhere you can easily blend in. Large chain bookshops almost always have an in-store cafe, ample seating and small nooks and crannies for the two of you to get lost in. Not to mention the massive variety of books, from literature to children’s classics to trashy romance novels and photography albums!
  2. Remember: this is a date. So make it fun! Instead of focusing on finding something for your next beach holiday, get to know your date better by asking lots of questions and coming up with special challenges.
  3. Visit the children’s section together and find a few of your favorite books from your childhood to read together.
  4. In the travel section, choose a book of photos or a travel guide of the best place you’ve ever been AND your dream destination!
  5. Discuss your favorite books and then split up to look for the perfect reading recommendation for the other person. Bonus if they’ve already read it (you must have been listening!), and try again!
  6. Stop in the in-store cafe at the end of your date for a hot drink and snack while you peruse some of your favorite books together.

Date Tip

You don’t need to be a bookworm to enjoy this date! It’s a fun, budget-friendly idea for any couple. New couples will be able to laugh and get to know each other in a relaxed environment (and will be impressed at your thoughtfulness!) while established couples will enjoy doing something out of the ordinary and getting to know something new about their partner.
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