Date idea:

Stand-up Comedy Show

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 3 Hours 




 First Date 

Great American comedian and actor Milton Berle once described laughter as “an instant vacation”. As humans, we love to laugh and studies have shown that it gives our moods an instant lift and that those of us who do it most often tend to lead the happiest lives. Laughing together is a bonding experience and ddating surveys have even concluded that the majority of women rate a sense of humor as the number one thing they look for in a man. With all of that in mind, it stands to reason that a date designed to breed plenty of laughter is destined for success!

On your next date, be it the first or twenty-first, skip dinner and drinks in favor of tickets to a comedy show and watch your relationship bloom.


  • Pre-Booked Tickets


  1. Get tickets. Make sure you reserve tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Tickets to comedy shows are generally budget-friendly, except for when it comes to big name comedians. If this is a first or second date, opt for a cheaper option (unless the two of you share a similar sense of humor and you’re willing to make more of an investment). In fact, it can be just as much fun (or even more) to pass on name acts altogether and go to an open-mic comedy night or young comedian event at a local comedy club. The worse the jokes, the more the fun!
  2. Arrive early. Seats aren’t ticketed, so arrive to the venue early if you want to sit near the front. But be advised that the people closest to the front are often the ones picked on by the comedian! Another show may be scheduled right before yours, so hang back and wait for seats to open up once it’s over.
  3. Get a drink ahead of time. Being a little tipsy will only make the show more enjoyable! But make sure you buy your drinks at the bar or order them from the server before the show begins. Talking during the act is rude and will only encourage heckling from the crowd or, worse, the comedian himself!

Date Tip

Comedy clubs aren’t known for having great chefs, so plan to eat at home or go out to dinner before or after the show
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