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Lunch Date

By Rosie Valentine


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 First Date 

There are so many reasons why taking your date out for a daytime meal is a great idea! Dinner dates often come with added pressure, from making reservations somewhere nice to dressing up to worrying how and when the night should end. Going out for lunch offers first-time daters and new couples a much more relaxed way of getting to know each other! It’s casual, more affordable, and has a built-in time limit. So while you may get caught with a bad dinner date who lingers over their wine for an hour after they’ve paid the check, lunch tends to be a much swifter affair. And if you are both having a great time, you can easily suggest doing something afterwards and spend the afternoon together.


  1. Choose a place to eat. The possibilities are endless! Make sure to find a relatively quiet place for lunch so that you can talk easily (a sports bar on Sunday afternoon might not be the ideal place) and start getting to know each other. Diners are great (you can order milkshakes and breakfast all day!), as are cafes and small restaurants. If the weather is great, consider an even more casual outdoor location, such as an open-air food market or a parkside street vendor.
  2. Those options may come in particularly handy if you’re on a blind date and not sure what kind of food the other person likes. The bottom line is that lunch can be as casual as you want to make it, and it can be at a traditional indoor restaurant, turned into a picnic or eaten while taking a walk.
  3. Plan on the date being at least an hour to 90 minutes long, but try to keep your schedule open for the afternoon in case you both hit it off and want to do something afterwards. Try not to schedule a romantic lunch date with a new person on a workday. It’s difficult to relax and start getting to know each other when you’re under tight time constraints or either of you are preoccupied with an imminent deadline or problems with a boss.
  4. Great lunch dates can easily lead into whole day dates, so be open and optimistic! At the same time, it’s good to keep in mind that not all first dates call for a second. The great thing about a lunch date is that you can always say you have afternoon or evening plans to prepare for and leave after eating without fear of offending the other person.

Date Tip

Keep your date in mind when choosing the place to eat and stay outside if possible. Sunlight and fresh air are fantastic mood boosters!
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