Date idea:

Get Touristy!

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 4 Hours 




 First Date 

Who says you can’t be tourists in your own neighborhood? Or that a first date has to involve dinner or a cocktail? Break tradition and suggest that you and your date visit a fun or funky local attraction that neither of you have been to before! The chance to experience something completely new together in a place you both otherwise know well is sure to make your date think of you as fun and original - even if you take them to a tourist trap! Best of all, you’ll both have the chance to talk, walk and get to know each other in a way that more scripted first dates wouldn’t let you.


  • Brochure or local guidebook
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Drinks/light snacks (optional)


  1. Keep it local. While the idea of a daytrip is great, you should choose a local attraction for a first date. Not only do you not want to stretch the date out too long (there’s something to be said about leaving them wanting more), you also want both you and your date to feel comfortable and safe.
  2. Choose an attraction. Try asking your date is there’s anywhere nearby they’ve always wanted to go but never have. If that fails, visit your local chamber of commerce’s website, peruse a guidebook, ask friends or take out a local map to make a list of attractions you’ve never been to before. Choose something fun, different or funky! Be sure to keep your date’s interests and fitness level in mind.
  3. Dress to impress. First dates make important first impressions, even on people you’ve met before. Dress casually, but smartly and make sure you’re well-groomed! Studies show that confidence, the cleanliness of a person’s nails and the health of their hair make the biggest impressions!
  4. Meet up. As its a first date, you should offer to pick your date up at their home or office. But if they prefer to meet, choose a safe, central, public place.
  5. Do your homework! Research the place you’re visiting, find some fun or quirky facts to share and don’t be ashamed to give your date a fully immersive experience! It may feel a bit silly, especially if the place is, but if you get into it, they will!
  6. Ask lots of questions. Don’t forget that this is a first date! People love to talk about themselves, so ask lots of thoughtful questions and keep the conversation light.

Date Tip

While bringing a local guidebook along is charming, it’s probably too early to take your camera along. And never wear a fanny pack... never ever.
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