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Aquarium Date

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 4 hours 




 First Dates 

Going to the aquarium might seem like an offbeat idea for a first (or thirty-first) date, but that’s part of its charm! The perfect destination for when it’s too cold or wet to walk outside, you’ll be able to stroll around at your own pace and enjoy a pressure-free chat. Worried you might run out of things to talk about? Don’t! You’ll never be more than three meters from some kind of strange (or terrifying) fish to turn your attention to if things become awkward (and, really, what makes better conversation than potential sea monsters?). For more structured entertainment, check the daily schedule before you go, as most large city aquariums host special events throughout the day (many of them free).

Chances are you’ll be the first person to take your date on a romantic visit to the aquarium, so it’s bound to be memorable!


  1. This is a fantastically relaxed, no-fuss date. If possible, try to buy your tickets beforehand so that you can avoid long lines (important at weekend and during school vacations) and to proactively avoid any awkwardness about who should pay (this is especially important for you men going on first dates). Many large aquariums sell timed tickets online, which are great time-savers!
  2. Check out the special events ahead of time. From daily shark feedings to dolphin, seal or whale shows, aquariums have a lot to offer! Talk to your date about the events to see if they’re interested in anything special and consider purchasing tickets ahead of time if they’re likely to sell out. Daily feedings and some exhibitions are typically free of charge and don’t require tickets.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and plan to wander around for at least an hour or two. Some handy tips: Get a map when you enter and find out what your date wants to see. Visit the shark tank for a thrill and then hunt down some especially creepy deep sea fish (the ones childhood nightmares are made of). You may be able to touch starfish and sea urchins, check out the education center. Penguins tend to be great hits with both genders and, as the most romantic and faithful of our animal cousins, shouldn't be missed!

Date Tip

The great thing about afternoon dates is that if you’re having a great time, the fun doesn't have to stop! You can always go for dinner. Perfect post-aquarium cuisine? Sushi!

Just kidding.
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