Date idea:

Take a Bartending Class

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 




 Date Night 

Meeting for cocktails can be fun, but it’s certainly not exciting or original. Impress your next date by signing you both up for a bartending class! Learning how to mix different drinks, make interesting garnishes and sling a bottle around like a pro. It will be ten times more fun than the tired alternatives and you’ll have a whole new respect for bartenders. This is a perfect first or second date! You’ll have the chance to talk, laugh and get to know each other while mixing drinks, successfully avoiding any awkward pauses or forced conversation. It’s a great way for established couples to spice up date night and learn something new together. The best part? You can call yourself a trained mixologist and sample each other’s creations after class.


  • Places Reserved with Trusted Bartending School


  1. Reserve your spots! Bartending classes are becoming a hot date night idea, so find one near you and book early. Many bartending schools only run classes that are part of long courses designed to train professional bartenders, so make sure that the class you sign up for is intended for hobby bartenders (this should be clear when you enroll). If you can’t find anything offered online, ask some local bartenders for tips!
  2. Drink moderately. The class is primarily meant to learn some simple mixing techniques, sample a couple of the instructor’s chosen concoctions and have fun! Don’t overdo it and consider eating ahead of time if you get tipsy easily.
  3. Have fun! This is a very cool twist on dinner and drinks. Feel free to be goofy (within reason) and put your fabulous sense of humor on display! Suggest tasting each other’s creations to decide on the best (always vote for theirs!) and, if you’re both having fun, don’t end the date there. Go out for a proper cocktail after your class, or opt for a meal or snack. If you’ve had enough of both, walk it off with a romantic moonlit stroll.

Date Tip

A little light competition can spice things up, but avoid being overly competitive (a turn off for both sexes).
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