Date idea:

Paint Nite

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 4 Hours 




 Date Night 

Paint Nites are the newest global craze among the young and old alike! And they’re absolutely PERFECT for first dates, second dates and all the dates that follow. Paint Nites are painting events open to the public and hosted by local bars, pubs and restaurants. Tickets are sold or places reserved ahead of time for an instructor to present a painting to a students and lead them in a step-by-step process of recreating the same work on their own canvas.

With no prep involved, drinks on constant standby and your own masterpiece to take home, it’s easy to see why these events have become hugely popular! And they make great dates, especially for new couples, precisely because they provide an activity to do together without the pressure of being completely one-on-one. Best of all, they’ll give you a peek into your partner’s creative side!


  • Reservations for a Paint Nite Event
  • Casual (but attractive) Clothing


  1. Buy tickets. As these events become more and more popular, tickets are starting to sell out early. Do some online research to find out where paint nites are offered in your area and choose the event in the best bar or pub, as you’ll likely end up lingering there afterwards. Make sure to buy a ticket or reserve your spaces early!
  2. Dress appropriately. If this is a first, second or third date, you’ll want to look your best! But temper that urge with a bit of practicality. Smocks will be provided at the event, but it’s likely that you’ll get some paint on your clothing or shoes, so leave the Burberry trench at home.
  3. Have a drink. Sometimes included but often extra, drinks will be available at the bar. Arrive early and offer your date a drink before the lesson begins! It will loosen you both up and may even boost your creativity.
  4. Linger after. The point of bars and pubs hosting paint nites is to get people in the door on weeknights - so, if things are going well, make a full evening of it and stick around for a drink and some food afterwards.

Date Tip

Before booking, check out online coupon sites like Groupon and Wowcher to see if they’re running a money-saving special on paint nites in your area!
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