Date idea:

Take a Weird Workout Class

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 





Are you and your date two active people eager to get down with your goofy selves? Gear up in your best neon 80’s workout attire and head to one of many fitness classes so weird you wouldn’t have ever imagined they exist! It doesn’t matter if you’re serious athletes, terminal couch potatoes or complete hippies, this date is completely original, tons of fun and guaranteed to have you both laughing long after!


  • Athletic Shoes and Clothing (workout specific)
  • Water
  • A Good Sense of Humor


  1. Ready to get moving? Choose your workout! True, there will be a wider variety of strange fitness options in large cities. But given the current penchant for alternative healthy lifestyles, a browse of the internet will definitely locate something weird near you. One thing to keep in mind when booking your class is that it be co-ed (that rules out pole dancing, guys).
  2. Choose from one of the following:
  3. Hula workouts (one way to make sure your partner’s hips stay agile) Chisel your abs like an 8 year-old! Hula hooping classes, taught in more and more gyms, burn as much as 400 calories in 30 minutes.
  4. Trampoline workouts: Especially good for anyone who has had a previous knee injury, trampolines are now stages for wacky no-impact workouts that can be as easy or intense as you want them to be!
  5. Vikings & Valkyries: For the truly odd ones among you is this course (currently being taught in London and NYC), this is an upper-body intensive outdoor class featuring tools and exercises (like ropes, barrels and sticks) that have been around for loads of years.
  6. Dog workouts: If you want to get your pooch in on the action, bring a dog or two along to your next (dog-friendly) yoga session! Surprised? It is called ‘downward dog’ for a reason!
  7. Punk Rock/Ravercise: Sure, you’ve heard of zumba, but that’s for girls! Say hello to the newest co-ed workout craze featuring a hot DJ, cool tracks and a club-like atmosphere to tone up and get your freak on!
  8. Have fun! Show up prepared to workout, as all of these classes are packed full of great exercise, but this is a date, so enjoy! After you’re finished (and have showered), finish off your healthy date at a local juice bar or vegan restaurant.

Date Tip

Surrounded by a wealth of sweaty, attractive bodies (hopefully!) it may be easy to forget who you came with. Don’t.
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