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By Rosie Valentine


 4 - 6 Hours 





Have you ever wanted to jump out of a plane from 12,000 feet up with nothing but a few yards of material strapped to your back? You may be crazy, but you’re not the only one! Skydiving is an exciting, unforgettable experience that will give you a rush like no other. And when done with a partner, it will bond you together! Whether you and your partner have separately gone skydiving before or have only dreamed of falling from the clouds, it will bring you closer and you’ll have a great story to tell.


  • Dual Reservations with a Professional Skydiving Center
  • Sneakers or Trainers
  • Casual or Athletic Clothing
  • Food & Drinks


  1. Select a skydiving school near you. Search online or ask around if you’re not already familiar with one. Any licensed school will do, but if there’s a chance to opt for one in a more scenic area (by the coast, in the mountains or over the forest), then, by all means, do! Consult with your national parachuting or skydiving association to ensure that the school or instructor you choose has an exemplary safety record.
  2. Dress in normal, casual clothing that is weather-appropriate and reasonably snug. Wear sneakers and remove hats, jewellery and the like before you jump.
  3. Choose your method. Beginners typically have two choices for their jumps - tandem or Accellerated Freefall (AFF).
  4. Making a date of it. You don’t have to choose the same method of jumping, but it would be ideal if you did in order to make sure that one of you isn’t hanging around all day with nothing to do. Though you won’t be able to jump together (unless one of you is a licensed tandem instructor), you and your date can have a great time supporting each other in the courses together and taking photos in your flightsuits! It’s a good idea to bring some food and (non-alcoholic) drinks with you, even if you’re doing the tandem jump, as you may end up waiting a long time for your jump. Plan to spend the whole day there.

Date Tip

Tandem: The easiest (and cheapest) route is taking a tandem jump together with an instructor. Following a quick course on jumping and landing positions, you’ll be harnessed together with the instructor behind you. They will be responsible for deploying the parachute and you’ll simply be along for the ride!

Accelerated Freefall: However, if you would like a more interactive (and adrenaline-pumping) experience, you can take a 4- 6 hour AFF course and jump on your own afterwards. This will give you a more authentic and exciting experience, but there will still be two instructors jumping alongside you to ensure that your chute deploys and to talk you through the landing.
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