Date idea:

Morning Rave

By Rosie Valentine


 2 - 4 Hours 





Raves aren’t just for stoned teenagers anymore! If you want to take your someone special out on a completely original weekday date, then get to bed early and wake up to morning raves. The newest fitness craze and healthy living phenomenon, morning raves (the most popular is dubbed “Morning Glory”) are on the rise and coming to a city near you soon!

Better than a breakfast date (no early morning conversation!), more rowdy than a Friday night bar, and more fun than the gym (perish the thought!), early morning raves revolve around dancing to loud, feel-good disco music and getting a fresh juice as you leave. Designed to provide ravers with a pre-work workout and breakfast in one, this is the perfect date for daring couples and health addicts. It may put an extra bounce in your step that’s worth getting out of bed for!


  • Fitness Clothes
  • Water
  • Work Clothes & Shower Items (optional)


  1. Morning raves are still new, so it’s possible that only those of you living in large cities will be able to experience the unique jolt of waking up to ABBA at 4am. Look online to find one closeby!
  2. Be prepared. Sure, you’re both experienced at dancing the night away, but this is a little different from drunken clubbing. Mainly, there’s no alcohol! Expect to have to push a little harder in the cardio department absent late-night mood enhancers - water is your friend now! Also, leave the heels (ladies) and leather pants at home.
  3. Rave your way into the day. Start things off on the right foot by offering to pick your date up rather than meet them there. It is a date, after all! After queuing at the door, you’ll pay the requisite fee and enter the “club”.
  4. You can check your things or lock them up and go straight to the dance floor! Disco (the happy music genre) is the music of choice, so feel free to don anything from retro workout gear to a funky playsuit.
  5. Dance, laugh and get downright funky with your date as you start your days in style! This is a happy date if ever there was one.

Date Tip

Water and health juices will be on offer if you get thirsty. On your way out, you’ll be offered fresh juices or fruit smoothies.
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