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Black Friday Shopping

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 10 Hours 





Black Friday shopping is a holiday date for only the bravest and most adventurous of souls! The annual one-day post-Thanksgiving holiday sale blowout officially began in the United States in the 1990s and has since spread to Canada, the UK and further afield. Marking the official beginning of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday is the last Friday in November. Retailers across the country open their stores early, sometimes as early as midnight, and offer free doorbusters, early bird prizes, and unbeatable product promotions to eager shoppers all day long!

While the thousands of super-caffeinated shoppers sure to be surrounding you won’t make for a relaxing day, they’ll certainly make for a memorable one! Restaurants often run special discounts for shoppers that you can take advantage of and browsing the sales might lead you to finding scoring some great Christmas presents! The only thing better than the sales is the (crazy!) people watching you’ll have to enjoy as you watch crazed shoppers fight over kids toys while little old ladies guard their brand new 80% off washing machines. The best part? Cocktails are completely acceptable from 11am.


  • Your Shopping shoes
  • Credit Cards (optional)


  1. It’s all about strategy. Here’s where you need to decide whether the two of you are going to be serious shoppers looking to score big deals or if you’d rather benefit from a couple sales and the huge restaurant discounts before finding a good place to take in all the commotion.
  2. Serious shoppers: Black Friday is the busiest American shopping day for good reason - it’s possible to save hundreds, or even loads, of dollars with massive product discounts and free giveaways. If you or your partner need to make a large purchase for yourselves (for instance, a new mattress, dishwasher or sofa) or buy any expensive gifts, it’s key to plan your route ahead of time! Search newspapers and adverts for details about specific product and store-wide sales in the days leading up to it and plan to hit the stores with the biggest early bird sales or that are most likely to sell out of your desired product first. Plan to arrive at the first store as early as 3am.
  3. Browsers and People Watchers: You are brave to venture out into the day’s chaos at all! But it will be worth it. If it doesn’t matter where you go and it’s the experience you’re after, visit a local indoor shopping mall. It will be incredibly crowded, but you’ll be warm and indoors and free of the holiday traffic! You can alternatively browse sales in some of your favorite shops, stop for food and sip coffee from the benches while loads of people run by you.
  4. Don’t forget your holiday cheer! Black Friday shoppers can be rushed and ruthless. Make sure you and your date’s day is fun and enjoyable nonetheless! Listen to holiday music in the car. If you’re starting out early in the morning, stop by a coffee or donut shop for a hot drink and some fresh pastries. Standing in line outside a closed store at 4am? Bring a thermos and a game or some music to listen to. Stop for snacks and carollers (do give some change to the Salvation Army Santa). And, finally, be sure to end the day (whether it’s noontime or 5pm!) with a few delicious and well-deserved cocktails!
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