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DIY Costumes for Couples

By Rosie Valentine


 2 to 6 Hours 




 Cosplay Dates 

Making something together is a great bonding activity for couples, so if you’re both die-hard Cosplay fanatics, fancy dress party-goers, or just gearing up for Halloween, a weekend afternoon spent crafting the perfect couples costumes will be great for your relationship! You’ll have the chance to brainstorm ideas together, build upon each other’s creativity, strategize solutions and laugh at your blunders. The best part? There’s a Part II! Once you’re finished, you’ll have two amazing (even if they’re amazingly awful!) costumes to wear to the event of your choice!


  • Design concept
  • Costume materials
  • Tools (scissors, gluegun, sewing machine, etc.)
  • Floor-length mirror
  • Camera
  • Pattern (optional)
  • Props (optional)


  1. Setting the mood. In order to make this a great date for both you and your partner, make sure that neither of you are taking it too seriously. Avoid arguing about what the costumes should be and don’t be competitive about the outcome. It really doesn’t matter who’s the best sewer - this is just for fun! To drive that idea home, choose a comedy or other favorite movie or tv show to put on in the background, prepare some snacks and drinks (alcohol is your friend here!) and laugh freely and often.
  2. Designing a concept. Make your date feel as involved as possible in the costume design aspect of this date - listen to their ideas and be positive about them, even if some are silly. To put it simply, let your date take as much or as little of a leadership role as they like.
  3. Head to the shops. If possible, go shopping for costume materials together, sharing as much of the design experience as you can! Make a list of what you need ahead of time and save money by looking online, at discount and charity shops, and at garage and car boot sales.
  4. Make those costumes! Keep the mood light and easy, even if you have some problems with the design, and remember to enjoy yourselves! Model the costumes for each other after you’re finished, take photos of your creations and plan where you’ll wear them first!

Date Tip

A few DIY costume ideas for couples that I love:

Milk & Cookies
Belle & the Beast
Holiday M&Ms
Jack & Coke
Fred & Wilma
Beer Pong (Cup & ball)
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