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A Rustic Christmas Tree Trimming

By Rosie Valentine


 4 - 6 Hours 





The holidays mark a very romantic time of year with lots of special celebrations to attend and new traditions to create together. One of the biggest events on everyone’s holiday calendar is finding and decorating their Christmas tree! This year, whether it’s your first or thirty-first together, why not make it extra-memorable?! If you live in a rural area or near a Christmas tree farm, plan a day to go choose and cut down your own tree! You and your partner will enjoy hunting for the perfect tree in the crisp winter weather, as well as the accomplished feeling it gives you when you bring it home and put it up. Cook a nice meal and spend the evening trimming your beautiful tree.

Note: You don’t need to live together to put up a tree together. You can even buy two, if you like! If your partner is spending this Christmas away from their family, they will be especially grateful to you for planning such a nice date


  • Boots & Gloves
  • A Saw (provided for you at Christmas Tree Farms)
  • Christmas Ornaments & Tree Lights
  • Rope
  • Transportation (to get the tree home)
  • Holiday Music
  • Food & Drinks


  1. Forest or farm? Young pine and fir trees are generally legal to cut down as long as they are on your property (or other private property you’ve been given permission to access), or in a public, unprotected forest. Otherwise, you can visit a Christmas tree farm! A little less old-fashioned but just as rustic, you can traipse across the fields and have loads of trees to choose from.
  2. Cut down your tree. Before you begin your search, agree on what size of tree you want. If you’re going into the forest or your own private land to find a tree, dress warmly, wear boots and bring gloves and a saw. If the tree is too large to carry out of the forest, a sled or some rope can be used to drag it behind you (take care that you don’t lose all the limbs in the process!).
  3. At Christmas tree farms, saws and tree nets will be provided for you. Most tree farms charge one flat rate for any tree on the lot, which translates into a great deal for anyone with high ceilings looking for a larger-than-average tree! Hot mulled cider or chocolate is often given to you for free when you stop in the hut to pay and a feast of other festive decorations and gifts, from santas and candles to wreaths and garlands, will be for sale.
  4. Lastly, bring some rope to tie the tree to the top of your car or a pickup truck so you can put it in the back.
  5. Put the tree up. Christmas trees make a mess, even new ones! If the tree is small enough, consider putting it in the tree stand outside your house, so that you can trim away any low-lying limbs without peppering your living room floor with pine needles. Clear a path inside and put it up!
  6. Trim the tree. Start by stringing the lights. Check each string ahead of time to make sure they’re all working and then put them on the tree, starting from the top and going down. You’ll need several sets of lights on hand, depending on the size of the tree (a 6-foot tree averages 3 - 4 sets of lights). After the lights are up and the tree is in position, you can start putting the ornaments (and any other decorations) on!

Date Tip

Make the day extra special by singing Christmas songs in the car and playing a favorite holiday film or music while trimming the tree! Prepare some hot chocolate, mulled cider or non-alcoholic egg nog and you’ll have a perfect day!
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