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Holiday Pub Crawl

By Rosie Valentine


 4 - 5 Hours 





Yes, a pub crawl can be romantic! No one dresses up a holiday pub quite like the British, but wherever you are in the colder climes, an opportunity to enjoy a few cozy yuletide brews with your date won’t be far off. And they present the perfect atmosphere in which to get to know your fate! Aside from being surrounded by a generally festive mood, you’re likely to find open fires, nostalgic music, and warming drinks. In such a cheerful atmosphere, how could your evening be anything but great?!


  • Pub Crawl Route and Map


  1. Choosing the right day. Fortunately, this is one date that is completely unreliant on the weather! Sure, a few festive flurries would add to the romance between pubs, but who’s going to notice after a few hot toddies? Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings are the hottest date nights, so avoid the crowds and hammer home your individuality by planning this date for in the week. Planning for a weeknight will also help ensure you don’t overdo it, as many people are put off by drunken dates.
  2. Speaking of drinks. Do a little research on the prettiest, oldest or most unique pubs in your area and choose 2 or 3 of the nicest to visit. Ask about any special holiday offerings. December is the season for hot mulled wines, spiked apple ciders, hot toddies and egg nog. Break of your shell and try something new, encouraging your date to do the same!
  3. At the pub. When you arrive (well-groomed and in attractive clothing), find comfortable seating or a corner to stand in (preferably near the fire!) If ordering at the bar, ask your date what they would like to drink (especially if you’re male) and pay yourself. Ask your date lots of questions and enjoy the conversation! Aim to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour at each pub (or 1 - 2 drinks at each).
  4. If this is early on in a relationship, offer to walk or drive your date home. If either of you is drunk, call a taxi and pick up your vehicles the next day.

Date Tip

Being a little tipsy may lower inhibitions, but getting smashed with your date too early on in your relationship will only lead to regrets later on. Moderation is key.
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