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Holiday Concert

By Rosie Valentine


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If you’re looking for a special evening out with your partner this holiday season, take them to listen to a special holiday concert! Aside from Valentine’s Day, Christmas is the most romantic holiday for most couples. After all, what’s not to love? Fond family memories, thoughtful gifts, beautiful lighting displays, nostalgic decorations, delicious meals and festive music. Music, especially, has the power to bring back warm and happy memories and make people feel good. You can find listings of local holiday concerts online and check with area churches, cathedrals, and concert halls for scheduled events. Whether you opt for a tickets to hear a talented choir, a holiday sing-along, or go to the symphony, there’s something for every taste.


  • Concert Tickets
  • Cash (for the bar)


  1. This is a wonderful date to take a first or second date, a new partner, or a spouse on! But before you book tickets for a blind date, first make sure that they celebrate Christmas and that they enjoy holiday events. While most people do, you should be sensitive and consider that for some, it may be a particularly sad or difficult time of year.
  2. Book your tickets. First, decide on a style. If your date loves classical music, look for concerts featuring symphonies such as Tchaichovsky’s famous “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker, Bach’s joyous “Christmas Oratorio” or Franz Lizst’s charming “Christmas Tree Suite”.
  3. If pop music is more in order, look for festive carol concerts, sing-alongs (which most often take place on weekends to fit family schedules) or modern choirs. If you’re both religious, or appreciate history, consider purchasing or reserving (when possible) tickets to a church choir performance. Reserve spaces early as these feel good concerts fill up fast during the holidays!
  4. Dress up. While you should always strive to look good for your dates, the holidays call for extra effort! Many people will be dressed to the nines and, while you don’t need to go that far, a festive concert is the perfect opportunity to wow your guests in that stylish new suit or classy cocktail dress.
  5. Arrive early and don’t talk or kiss while the music is playing (this annoys many people), but feel free to hold hands and be affectionate. Offer to get your date a drink during intermission and, if it’s not too late, treat them to a nightcap afterwards.

Date Tip

Be conscious of your date’s music preferences and attention span when buying tickets - if they only listen to heavy metal, you may want to avoid the symphony.
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