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Christmas Tree Lighting

By Rosie Valentine


 1 - 2 Hours 





Christmas time is magical for most people. No matter how or where you spend it, this time of year casts a special feeling of nostalgia, happiness and good cheer over everyone. And films like the modern British classic “Love Actually” are built on the premise that the holidays blossoms with romantic love. So make the most of yours!

From large cities to small towns, communities all over the world usher in the holidays with public Christmas tree lighting a. Such events usually take place in the evening, when the lights can be seen at their brightest, and are coupled with winter festivals, fairs, or concerts, providing you and your date with an entire evening of free and festive cheer!


  1. Find a tree lighting. Look online to find listings of special Christmas events near you, including holiday fairs, festivals and concerts or call your town’s visitor’s center or town hall to find out whether a Christmas tree lighting event is scheduled. As most lighting's take place outside or in public spaces such as shopping malls, tickets are almost never needed and the event is free of charge. When choosing a lighting to go to, read over the listings to find the most charming and nostalgic option! Anything with a choir, concert, food or fair is a great choice!
  2. Bundle up! December is cold in northern climes, so while you want to look nice, don’t make the mistake of sacrificing warmth for style! You’ll likely want to be able to last the whole evening outside, so wear thick socks, boots, a long, thick coat, and scarf, hate and gloves.
  3. Enjoy the after show! The lighting itself will likely last just 15 - 30 minutes, including a few choir songs. But there are often winter food markets, gift fairs and carnivals set up nearby just for the occasion, so make a night of it by arriving hungry and wish a bit of spare cash in your pocket!

Date Tip

Seasonal events such as this are rarely rescheduled due to weather, but that doesn’t mean you should attend at any cost! A rainy, cold evening outdoors won’t put either of you in a good mood, so if the weather is bad, look for another lighting on another night.
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