Date idea:

Scavenger Hunt

By Rosie Valentine


 2 Hours 





Everyone loves a scavenger hunt! If you have a big gift to give your date on their birthday or for another special occasion, prolong their curiosity and make them feel EXTRA-special by setting up a creative scavenger hunt! The added anticipation will make them even more excited when they find the final gift and the hunt itself makes for a fantastically fun date! Use our ideas and modify them to create the perfect day for your partner. You can choose to make it a themed gift hunt, activity-based or simply include anything that will put a big smile on their face.


  • Primary Gift (optional)
  • Clues
  • Small Gifts / Activities / Props


  1. So you want to set up a scavenger hunt. First, you must decide what it is you're going to hide! There are two main options: (A) Hide one main gift and write a set of clues leading your date to a string of places, with the last clue taking them to the main gift. Each clue can bring them to an activity or to a smaller gift. The gifts and trail can be themed or un-themed. (B) Hide many small gifts in different places, along with clues to the next gift. The gifts and trail can be themed or un-themed.
  2. Hiding the gifts and clues. The great thing about this date is that it’s all one present and it can be as over-the-top as you want it to be! You can engage the help of family, friends and local business owners to have your date travelling from clue to clue all around town, or you can keep it private and hide the clues around your house.
  3. If you want to have each clue lead them to another gift, then decide whether or not you want them to guess what the last present is. For example, if you bought them a puppy, you may stash a dog bone in one location and a collar in another. If the surprise is a trip to Hawaii, stash pineapples and leis. But if you want it to be a secret until the end, you can plant unrelated presents, like candy or body lotion.
  4. Alternatively, there doesn't need to be a major gift. Each stop along the trail can bring them to a new activity, and it can take as long and be as romantic as you’d like.

Date Tip

When writing the clues, make sure your partner will be able to guess them! But just in case they don’t, select an activity they can perform (such as 10 jumping jacks) to learn the next location.
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