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Leaf Peeping

By Rosie Valentine


 3 - 4 Hours 





Ignore the silly name, because leaf peeping is one of the most delightful day trips you and your date could coose to embark on! In September of each year, the bright green leaves of summer begin to turn color, and by October the natural landscape is painted brilliant shades of golds, burnt oranges and fiery reds. It is utterly romantic. Plan a long, relaxed drive through the most picturesque areas near you. The scenic journey is sure to charm your date.


  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Picnic
  • Camera
  • Driving Music (optional)
  • A Map (optional)


  1. Choose a lovely route. Autumn is an absolutely gorgeous time of year and an afternoon spent leaf peeping is one of the most romantic and relaxed you could hope for! Best of all, this is one outing for which arriving at a destination is unimportant - it’s all about the path you take.
  2. The most impressive autumn scenery is largely spread across North America (especially New England and Canada), Japan (Kyoto) and Europe. If you’re near those areas, use a map or online resource to plan a 3 to 5 hour drive that will take you through the most impressive tree-filled scenery around.
  3. Time it well. October is generally the best month for leaf peeping, as it’s late enough in the year for the majority of leaves to have turned brilliant shades of gold and fiery reds, but not so late that they’ve begun falling en masse.
  4. Check the weather conditions. This is a day trip to be enjoyed on a bright, crisp and sunny autumn day! Don’t go if it’s raining, windy or overcast, as you’ll miss the best views.
  5. This is a mini roadtrip, so pack for like it! Bring a cooler full of cold, non-alcoholic drinks for the car and consider packing a simple picnic of sandwiches and snacks or stopping at a restaurant for lunch.
  6. Take it slow. Choose roads which allow you to pull over frequently to get out and appreciate the view and that are known for having few cars. The emptier the path, the slower you’ll be able to drive and the most you’ll both get out of the experience! Take a camera along to capture the scenery and a blanket for a picnic or impromptu cuddle.

Date Tip

Wash your car beforehand and clean the inside to ensure your date is comfortable, take along some soft music and bring a map is you’re unfamiliar with the area.
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